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Hazel Grace Lancaster, 17, hesitantly goes to a support group for cancer patients at her mother’s insistence. She utilizes a portable oxygen tank to breathe properly due to her disease. She notices a teenage kid in one of the meetings, and she learns the boy’s name is Augustus Waters as the conference progresses. He is there to stand by Isaac, a friend of theirs. Isaac had a tumor removed from one of his eyes, and now he also needs to have the other eye removed. Augustus approaches Hazel after the conference is over and remarks that she resembles Natalie Portman from V for Vendetta. Hazel accepts his invitation to watch the movie at his house, and while they are there, they talk about their experiences with cancer. Hazel admits that she has lung cancer that has progressed from her thyroid. Augustus suffered osteosarcoma, but after having his leg removed, he is now cancer-free. They make a pact to read each other’s favorite books before Augustus takes Hazel home. Hazel is given The Price of Dawn by Augustus, and she suggests An Imperial Affliction.

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An Imperial Affliction’s splendor is described by Hazel as follows: It’s a novel about a cancer patient named Anna, and it’s the first description of life with cancer that she’s read that accurately captures her experience. She explains how the book frustratingly ends in the middle of a thought, depriving the reader of closure regarding the characters’ destiny. She makes assumptions on the novel’s enigmatic author, Peter Van Houten, who eluded capture following the book’s release and hasn’t been seen or heard from since. Also, you must try to play The Fault In Our Stars quiz.

The Fault In Our Stars quiz

A week after Hazel and Augustus debate An Imperial Affliction’s literary significance, Augustus miraculously discloses that he managed to find down Van Houten’s secretary, Lidewij, and through her, he was able to begin an email conversation with the reclusive author. He gives Hazel a copy of Van Houten’s letter, and in an effort to clarify the novel’s murky ending, she comes up with a list of inquiries to send to Van Houten. The fate of Anna’s mother is Hazel’s main concern. She assumes that her own parents will be okay once Hazel dies if Anna’s mother survives the death of her daughter. Eventually, Van Houten responds, stating that he could only respond to Hazel’s inquiries personally. If she ever visits Amsterdam, he extends an invitation to drop by. The Fault In Our Stars quiz will help you remember certain details.


Hazel Grace Lancaster

The 16-year-old protagonist and narrator of the book. Hazel is a bright and amazingly responsible young woman who was told she had a terminal thyroid cancer at the age of thirteen and that it had migrated to her lungs. Until she falls in love with Augustus, she keeps the majority of people at a distance since she knows that her passing will ultimately harm them.

Augustus “Gus” Waters

the sixteen-year-old osteosarcoma patient who marries Hazel. With his quick wit and penchant for acting, Augustus enjoys making elaborate romantic gestures. After meeting Hazel at Support Group, Augustus falls in love with her pretty much right away.


the buddy who Hazel and Augustus have in common and who facilitates their meeting at support group. Isaac is naturally pessimistic. Isaac frequently exemplifies doubt and wrath due to his cancer-induced blindness and Monica’s expulsion from his life. He shares his name with the Biblical Isaac, who was also blind, which is noteworthy.

Mrs. Lancaster

Mother of Hazel. She is a compassionate, emotionally stable woman who has dedicated her life to taking care of Hazel. Hazel becomes fixated with her mother’s emotional suffering during the course of the book. Hazel is ecstatic to discover that her mother has been taking classes behind her back to become a social worker in the end.

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the fault in our stars quiz
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