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A Silas, an Opus Dei monk, captures Jacques Saunière, the curator of the Louvre, and wants to know where the Holy Grail is. Silas shoots Saunière and leaves him to perish after hearing what she has to say. However, Saunière misled Silas over the location of the Holy Grail. Saunière paints a pentacle on his stomach with his own blood, makes a circle with his blood, and drags himself towards the center of the circle, imitating Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man, realizing that he has only a short time left to live and that he must reveal his vital information. Invisible ink is also used to write a code, a line of numbers, and two lines of text on the ground.

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Robert Langdon, the story’s protagonist and a professor of symbology, receives a call from police investigator Jerome Collet asking him to visit the Louvre in order to try to decipher the scenario. Langdon is not yet aware that he is being held accountable for the crime. Also, you must try to play The Da Vinci Code quiz.

The Da Vinci Code quiz

After killing Saunière, Silas calls the “Teacher” and informs him that Saunière said the keystone was located in Paris’s Church of Saint-Sulpice. There, Silas is sent by the Teacher. Silas finds that he has been duped after following Saunière’s hints to the keystone’s location. He murders Sister Sandrine Bieil, the church’s custodian and a sentry for the Priory of Sion, in a fit of wrath. When Langdon encounters Jerome Collet and police captain Bezu Fache at the Louvre, he learns that the two officers believe he committed the murder. The Da Vinci Code quiz will help you remember certain details.


Manuel Aringarosa

Opus Dei bishop. Aringarosa is a devout conservative who longs for the Church to adopt more rigid practices. He has a soft spot for objects that symbolize the authority of his command. He treats Silas well.

Sister Sandrine Bieil

Nun and caretaker of the Saint-Sulpice Church. She supports relaxing church rules and modernizing the church, and she disagrees with Opus Dei’s treatment of women. As a sentry for the Priory of Sion, she is killed by Silas.

Marie Chauvel

Grandmother of Sophie and Saunière’s spouse. Mary Chauvel, a nice and knowledgeable woman, is involved in the Priory’s secret-keeping strategy. She is a direct descendant of Mary Magdalene and Jesus.

Jerome Collet

one of the French Judicial Police’s agents. Collet, who resembles the stereotypically inept police officer in several respects, makes a number of mistakes while pursuing Sophie and Langdon. His errors stand in contrast to Fache’s effectiveness. But in the end, he convinces Fache that Sophie is innocent by holding that view.

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