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Samsung Quiz – Which Samsung Phone Should You Get In 2022


Take this Samsung Quiz to find out which Samsung phone should you get in 2022. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

This year, Samsung was responsible for some of our favorite phones, including its latest foldable and, of course, the Galaxy S21 Ultra. If you missed out on the company’s 2021 phones, you’re in luck: the introduction of its next major series is just a couple of months away. The Galaxy S22 series aims to preserve what worked well about its predecessors while improving performance and bringing back some capabilities that were previously unique to the Note, at least in the case of the S22 Ultra. And this article will help you if the download progress bar is not showing. Here’s what we know so far about Samsung’s upcoming flagship smartphones.

As with previous releases, Samsung’s 2022 phones will be available in three variants: the Galaxy S22, S22+, and S22 Ultra. While the first two devices appear to be updated versions of this year’s launches, the S22 Ultra has an all-new design, making it the most intriguing phone in the lineup.

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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

One thing is evident from a short peek at Samsung’s high-end flagship for 2022: this is a Note by any other name. The S22 Ultra appears remarkably identical to the Galaxy Note20 from the front, with a squared-off design and a dedicated S Pen slot. Meanwhile, the S21’s trademark camera bump has been replaced by a smooth piece of glass, with four lenses jutting out independently from each other. Also, you must try to play this Samsung quiz.

Samsung Quiz

The design of the S22 Ultra has been a source of contention since its unveiling, particularly because several leakers couldn’t agree on what the camera module would look like. Thankfully, we’ve previously seen real-world photographs of a pre-production device, which has essentially confirmed the design for Samsung’s 2022 flagship.

Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22+

If the S Pen isn’t crucial to you, the smaller S22 and S22+ are worth considering. Although we haven’t seen nearly as much of these two phones in recent months as we have of their bigger brother, they could be ideal upgrades for S10 and S20 owners who missed out on this year’s releases.

Early renders from September gave us our best look at the phones so far, revealing a more refined take on their predecessors. Unlike the Ultra, the S22 and S22+ maintain the camera hump, which helps to protect the lenses on both phones if you opt for a caseless design. Anyone who has held a current Samsung phone will recognize the rounded corners and metal rail. Even the camera flash remains in the same location as last year. Thankfully, the Galaxy S22 has ditched its contentious “classic” rear cover in favor of a regular sheet of glass.

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The Galaxy Z series

We expect Samsung to release another pair of foldable next year, following the popularity of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and the Galaxy Z Flip 3. The clamshell Z Flip and book-style Z Fold already have a significant advantage over rival foldable phones, but perhaps Samsung will not rest on its laurels and will add welcome updates to the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4. On the Z Fold 3, for example, a more effective version of this year’s futuristic under-display camera.

Aside from improvements to these two existing models, there have long been whispers of a lower-cost full-size foldable to sit between the two current models. This tentatively called Galaxy Z Fold Lite could be just what smartphone customers need to increase foldable adoption by making the experience more affordable.

Samsung’s Galaxy A series in 2022

In addition, Samsung will need to refresh its mid-range phones in the coming year, probably using the Galaxy Ax3 naming scheme, as seen with the recently launched Galaxy A13 5G. The current Galaxy A lineup also includes the Galaxy A32, Galaxy A42, and Galaxy A52, as well as the Europe-only Galaxy A72, so there’s a slew of new phones to look forward to.

These phones aren’t as cutting-edge as the Galaxy S or Galaxy Z models, but their emphasis on display, camera, and battery life means you’re still getting a reasonable value on Samsung’s high-quality hardware. They also serve as a viable alternative to other excellent low-cost Android phones such as the Google Pixel 5a and the OnePlus Nord 2.

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