What Type Of Mermaid Are You?

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Take this What Type Of Mermaid Are You quiz to find out. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

Mermaids from the Deep Sea

Deep-Sea mermaids are the most venomous of the breed, isolating themselves from others, doing it alone, and refusing to help anybody or anything (from what I’ve gathered). They have eyes that have been adapted to the advanced darkness of being so deep underwater that no sunlight can reach them. They have big flukes for long-distance and quick swimming, and their tails are dark purple, blue, and black. To resist the cold temperatures of the depths, they have thick insulated skin. Few mermaids have gone into their domain and returned to tell the tale. Some Deep-Sea Mermaids are said to lack hair and have replaced it with seaweed or tentacles from their prey.

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Mermaids in the Open Sea

There’s no way to tell, but because there’s so much coast and so many mermaids lived there before they switched, it’s widely assumed that Open-Ocean mermaids outnumber all other sub-species. They almost usually move and hunt in groups of 30-50, and their food varies according to their environment. Most open-ocean mermaids spend the summer in the upper Atlantic, where it’s warm and there’s a lot of fish and plants. Then they go south for the winter, sometimes far enough to mix with tropical mermaids. Also, you must try to play this What Type Of Mermaid Are You quiz.

What Type Of Mermaid Are You?

Mermaids from the sea

These mermaids don’t have a unique moniker like ‘Open Ocean,’ because they reside in lakes, sometimes ponds, streams, and rivers, but usually lakes. They generally live in pods of 30-50, and freshwater mermaids are said to have a more complicated civilization than saltwater mermaids. They’re also friendlier than most saltwater. To fit in with the murky water, they have a greenish hue to their skin. These mermaids have enormous flukes at times and little flukes at others.


Sirens, contrary to common perception, are NOT EVIL. Sure, there are a few who have turned nasty, but every sub-species has a few of those as well. A lot of people are perplexed by these creatures, so let me explain: They first appeared in Greek mythology as Persephone’s servants, and when she went missing, Demeter (Persephone’s mother, the agricultural goddess) dispatched them to find her by calling to her with their beautiful voices. They were portrayed as evil, which has remained true to this day. They aren’t, however. Isabel, a friend of mine who is aspiring to be a Siren, is a wonderful person. But, in any case. Sirens are half-human, half-bird hybrids. I’m not sure why they’re in this aquatic family and not an avian one, but oh well. They don’t have tails, but they’re really pretty and have wonderful singing voices.

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Chilota, Sirena

The Sirena Chilota is ideal for all those goodie-goodies and people who simply want to help everyone they can. Most have golden blonde hair and golden scales, giving her human side the appearance of a very lovely teenager. Her deity commissioned her, and she is responsible for all of the fish. (You can probably infer that Sirenas are herbivores based on their mission and values.) The Sirena’s deity will sometimes bless her so that she will never be chased by man or beast. She also assists her siblings and/or friends in the transport of the bodies of drowned sailors. She performs this so that they might be resurrected, and she is a very happy mermaid.


Merrows come from Irish legend, hence the best shifting into merrows will take place near Ireland, although it will operate normally and successfully wherever. They’re described as having long green hair and a red cap. The red cap is what distinguishes them as mermaids. If they lose this cap, they are human until they find it, at which point they will return to the water, sometimes abandoning entire families. Merrows do not have a specific culture or stereotype because they are so widespread and have so many alternatives in so many categories.

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what type of mermaid are you
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