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Blonde Or Brunette Quiz – Which One Are You?


Take this Blonde Or Brunette Quiz to find out which one you are. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

There is no standardized definition of beauty. There has never been. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” as the saying goes. It’s not as if there’s a set formula for determining what’s attractive and what isn’t.

With that said, it’s difficult to argue that society hasn’t formed an opinion about what beauty should look like throughout history. This is why there are billboards, models, and fashion publications.

When most people think of beauty – or a face to attach to the term, at any rate – I’m sure Marilyn Monroe comes to mind first.

To take it a step further, I’d guess that when people think of Marilyn Monroe, they first think of her blonde hair.

Monroe’s striking platinum blonde hair set the standard for “blonde bombshells.”

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While I’m sure blonde hair has always been attractive to males, it became a beauty staple after Monroe’s ascent to stardom in the early 1950s.

Then the clichés started to appear – blonde is beautiful; blonde is better; blondes have more fun – and, all of a sudden, this notion of blonde superiority was thrust to the forefront of popular opinion. Also, you must try to play this Blonde Or Brunette Quiz.

Blonde Or Brunette Quiz

Personally, I’ve always preferred to be a brunette. Not that there’s anything wrong with blondes; in fact, I’d happily settle down with Kate Moss.

Having said that, there’s just something about the entire black hair, dark skin combo that I can’t get enough of.

At the same time, I know that the majority of conventional ideals would prefer otherwise. Isn’t it general knowledge that most guys favor blondes?

Well, according to a recent study, science gives evidence that, contrary to common assumptions, males prefer brunettes.

Men find women with darker hair more sexually appealing, according to Deborah Arthurs for the Daily Mail.

According to a survey of 2,000 men done by social networking website Badoo, more than 60% of men like “raven-haired” ladies.

According to the research, over one-third of the men interviewed claimed to find women with brown hair the most beautiful, while a little less than 29 percent of men preferred women with black hair.

To be fair to the red-headed women out there, it is worth noting that over 9% of men showed a preference for redheads.

A separate study by Viren Swami and Seishin Berrett could provide more insight on the subject.

According to their research, which included two separate investigations, men’s preferences for blonde or brunette women are more complicated than you may think.

The first study included a female test subject who sat in nightclubs for a few weeks.

She changed her hair color three times throughout the experiment – blonde, brunette, and red – while the experimenters “watched and counted how many males approached her during a one-hour period.”

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According to the findings, she was approached the most frequently when she had blonde hair. In comparison to the 42 guys who approached her while she was brunette, 60 men expressed interest in her when she was blonde.

After comparing these two numbers and using some common sense, one might believe that males found her more attractive when she was blonde; however, this may not be the case.

Swami and Berrett’s second experiment discovered that when men were shown a picture of the same woman with varied hair hues, they thought the brunette version was more beautiful.

This raises the question: if men find brunettes more appealing, why do they approach blonde women at the bar more frequently?

Swami and Berrett then advanced the hypothesis that males perceive blonde women to be needier.

As a result, they were more approachable in public, “perhaps because it created greater sentiments of dominance or confidence in [the guys], which in turn lessened their inhibition,” as Dr. Raj Persaud and Adrian Furnham for HuffPost Lifestyle said.

One probable explanation for this departure from popular belief is a shift in modern ideology. The role of women has changed dramatically during the last half-century, and properly so.

According to Maxine Frith of The Independent, blonde hair has traditionally been regarded as a “symbol of youth that was appealing to men.”

As women’s roles in society have expanded – for instance, since the 1950s, when Marilyn Monroe’s blonde hair reigned supreme – the masculine concept of beauty has evolved.

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Debra Clark

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