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Take this Riverdance Movie Quiz to find out which character you are. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

There aren’t many animated films that aren’t about America, though many of them have been released in the last year that does. So, when I say that this is the first animated film based in Ireland that I have seen, it is quite sad. Naturally, the film elicited a great deal of excitement and hope. Unfortunately, it quickly became clear that it was just a gimmick. A way of saying that they are aware of the existence of the country of Ireland.

The film’s introduction sounded thick, with a forced accent that bordered on mockery and a genuine attempt. From then on, I reminded myself that the film was aimed at children aged 7 and up. Nonetheless, the apparent confusion of every character’s ethnicity made me wonder what films think of children. Do they believe that beautiful, colorful scenes are all that is required?

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My point will be emphasized by the casting. Aisling Bea, who plays a minor role, has one of the few natural-sounding voices. Obviously. Then there’s James Bond actor Daniel Craig, who has Irish ancestors and thus gives a convincing performance as a Megaloceros Giganteus, a massive reindeer. Lilly Singh, who has an American accent, plays another Megaloceros Giganteus for some reason. Also, you must try to play this Riverdance Movie Quiz.

Riverdance Movie Quiz

The movie’s Americans appear much later on, but the animated film did not do what all such films do at the start. Death scenes in animated films can be surprisingly emotional. They can happen right at the start of a film and still move even the most jaded audience to tears. Tadashi’s death has yet to be processed by me. Unfortunately, the film’s death occurred before one could connect with it. It elicited an “Oh, no” reaction rather than suppressing the inevitable sobbing.

While good vs. evil is an important topic that children should learn about, it is not the only thing they should learn about. The film discusses the same old topics, such as important traditions, fighting evil, and always listening to adults. It needed to catch up with current films about depression, love, overthinking, societal commentary, and even the environment. Movies like Inside Out, Up, Zootopia, and Luca have made such strides in teaching children about life that it is disappointing when films like Riverdance revert to simple good vs. evil stories. The film attempted to depict aspects of “fitting in,” but rather than depicting the struggle, they relied on the phrase itself and inserted it as a side thought.

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It has a lot of animals. After all, it is a children’s film. Big and buff deer/reindeer, big-eyed frogs, and gummy worm fish They were there to teach humans valuable life lessons and to dance the Irish Riverdance. The frogs did it, the Megaloceros Giganteus did it, and even the fishes did it in a roundabout way. The girl was able to walk on the water as a result of the powerful dance. I was expecting a reason for how, but the movie didn’t even touch on it, as it did with all of my expectations.

Is it just me, or do animated films always have to be magical? Magical in a way that goes beyond talking animals. Many dialogues contained the word “magic,” but it did not translate to the film. What did happen, however, was a Megaloceros Giganteus chase a la The Lion King. They were galloping away from the adversary. Observed and completed.

Aside from Pierce Brosnan’s mesmerizing voice and the perfect character of Aisling Bea, the film had some good parts. Our protagonist, Keegan, was a boy I would definitely root for, and his grandmother is someone who deserves the entire world. Mulan and Keegan’s grandmothers would be best friends. She was charming, funny, sweet, and completely delightful. I wished the film had been about her.

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