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Take this Perfect Wallpaper quiz to find out. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

A Default Background
If your phone’s lock screen is simply one of the stock wallpapers that comes with your phone, you prefer to keep things simple. You don’t like to overaccessorize, and you prefer tidy, clean lines to flashy flourishes. You could also be a little cryptic, requiring people to work extra hard to genuinely get to know you. They should learn to judge you based on your behavior and words, rather than just your appearance.

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Your Favorite Celebrity
If you have a picture of your famous crush on your lock screen, you have big dreams and romantic sensibilities. You’re a daydreamer who wants to spend time with a famous particular someone and seeing them not only makes you happy but also makes you feel like you can do anything. Plus, you don’t mind spending most of your day staring at someone attractive. Also, you must try to play this Perfect Wallpaper quiz.

Perfect Wallpaper quiz

A self-portrait
If your lock screen features a daring selfie, you’re definitely pretty confident in yourself—or at least trying to appear so. You’re probably a fashion and beauty expert, and you want your outward look to represent who you are on the inside. You are adamant about your values and convictions, and you wish the rest of the world could see the version of yourself that you are attempting to be. When you believe in yourself, you know you are capable of accomplishing anything.

A Photograph of Friends
A lock screen photo of you sharing a moment with friends indicates that you are someone whose inner circle defines your universe. You may not be a social butterfly, but you never have to hide your actual self from your dearest friends. You surround yourself with allies who serve as your support system in times of need, and you don’t know what you’d do without them. Chances are, your DMs are full of individuals who genuinely care about you.

A Family Photograph
If your lock screen includes a photo of you and your family, you’re the type of person who always recalls where you came from. When presented with a difficult issue, you always consult your family first, and you trust their judgment over your own in a crisis. While your peers may laugh at their parents’ advice, you take it to heart and do everything you can to make them proud.

About the quiz

Your significant other
Having your significant other’s photo on your lock screen shows how close you are and how much you want to be viewed as their other half. When someone inquires about the photograph, you rejoice because it allows you to rave about the person you admire. When something happens, your partner is usually the first to know, and you’re in frequent communication with them. When you’re apart, you’re essentially counting down the minutes until you can see them again.

An Internet Nature Photograph
A lock screen with a nature shot from the internet frequently coincides with travel and seeing the globe desires. You haven’t completed everything you want to, but you have plenty of time. An image of an exquisite mountain, verdant forest, or tranquil island setting might temporarily take you to another planet and entirely alter your perspective. You’re an idealist, and huge things are on the horizon for you.

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perfect wallpaper quiz
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