What Wow Class Should I Play Quiz

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Take this What Wow Class Should I Play Quiz to find out. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

While most players will be comfortable playing any of the classes available in World of Warcraft, some particular classes and specifications will make things much easier for you—especially if you’re new to MMOs. Ranged caster classes, for example, deal a lot of damage but need you to kite enemies or utilize crowd control to live, whereas a plate-wearing Paladin can take on half the zone without worrying about his or her health.

This is by no means a full guide of World of Warcraft classes—there are plenty of sites that cover that, and each class has its own, invaluable, Discord server. Consider this an overview to offer novices and returning players an understanding of how each class and spec work.

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It’s also worth mentioning that you may change specializations at any time for free, so it’s worth experimenting to discover which you like. Also, you must try to play this What Wow Class Should I Play quiz.

What Wow Class Should I Play Quiz

If you enjoy hitting things about with swords, the warrior class might be for you. All three specs are melee-oriented, although wearing plate armor allows even the damage specs to take a few hits. It’s a highly mobile class with a leap and a charge at its disposal, and you’ll be a welcome addition to group content thanks to the warrior’s Battle Shout bonus, which increases attack power for the entire party or raid.

Paladins, like knights, wear plate armor and can fill any of three group roles, making them a versatile class to play. They are also quite useful while leveling and in group circumstances, as they have a choice of three Auras, an eight-second immunity to all damage, and a powerful heal that can restore the target’s health to full.

Hunters are the most common pet kind in World of Warcraft. They have exceptional survivability because of their tanking dogs and their Feign Death ability, which makes them appear dead to foes and drops all threats. Hunters receive the Tame Beast ability at level five, allowing them to capture and keep any tameable creatures they come across as pets. All three specifications offer a lot of utility, with numerous traps and interruptions.

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Rogues are sly and best renowned for their stealth ability. They wear leather armor, rely on Energy as their primary resource, and spend Combo Points to do massive damage to their opponents. They have a lot of utility, such as a multitude of interrupts and stuns, as well as a self-heal with a 30-second cooldown. Their Shroud of Concealment ability allows an entire group to move undiscovered for a brief period. While rogues are enjoyable to play and portions of leveling can be made much easier with stealth, if you’re just starting, there are many easier classes to choose from.

The priest is the classic healer class in World of Warcraft. It is cloth-clad and wields a staff or a one-handed weapon with its off-hand. It includes various stunning spell effects as well as a lot of usefulness, such as Leap of Faith, which pulls a friendly target to the priest’s location. There are two distinct healing specifications to choose from, as well as a third, ranged damaging spec. The Power Word: Fortitude bonus, also provides a considerable stamina increase to a party or raid players.

Shamans are mail armor wearers who specialize in elements and have some of the finest utility spells in the game. They can employ totems to deal damage, immobilize foes, or heal group members, and all three specs have a 12-second interrupt cooldown. Furthermore, if the shaman dies, they can resurrect and turn into a Ghost Wolf, which improves their movement speed. The Shaman’s plethora of spells and abilities may be overwhelming to beginner players.

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what wow class should i play quiz
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