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Take this Karate Kid Quiz to find out which character you are. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

I didn’t want to watch this film. After reading the title, I assumed it was either (a) a sequel to Toenails of Vengeance, or (b) an adventure starring Ricky Schroder and the Megaloth Man. I was completely incorrect. “The Karate Kid” was one of 1984’s pleasant surprises: an exciting, sweet-tempered, heartwarming story about one of the most intriguing friendships in a long time. The friends come from various worlds. Daniel (Ralph Macchio) is a New Jersey teen who moves to Los Angeles with his mother. The Japanese janitor in their apartment building is an elderly man named Miyagi (Pat Morita). When Daniel begins dating the ex-girlfriend of the toughest senior in the class, the kid begins pounding on Daniel’s head on a regular basis.

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Daniel tries to fight back, but he’s from Southern California, so of course, he’s a black belt in karate. Enter Mr. Miyagi, who appears to be a harmless old eccentric with an odd hobby: catching flies with chopsticks. Miyagi turns out to be a karate master, a student not only of karate fighting but also of the martial arts’ overall philosophy. He agrees to accept Daniel as a student. Also, you must try to play this Karate Kid Quiz.

Karate Kid Quiz

Then comes the fantastic middle section of “The Karate Kid,” in which the old man and the kid from Jersey become friends. Miyagi’s karate instruction system is, to say the least, eccentric. Daniel is put to work shining cars, painting fences, and scrubbing pool bottoms. Daniel complains that he isn’t learning karate because he is working for free. Mr. Miyagi’s training, on the other hand, follows a system.

“The Karate Kid” was directed by John G. Avildsen, who also directed “Rocky,” and it concludes with a climactic fight scene in which Daniel faces his opponents in a championship karate tournament. The heart of this film, however, is not in the fight scenes, but in the relationships. Aside from Daniel’s friendship with Miyagi, there’s also a sweet romantic relationship with Ali (Elisabeth Shue), who is your typical girl from the right side of town with snobbish parents.

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Macchio is a unique and intriguing choice for Daniel. He’s not the stereotypically attractive Hollywood adolescent, but rather a thin, tall, intense young man who appears to speak to himself. His delivery is always natural, even casual; he never appears to be reading a line. He’s a good, sound, and interesting lead, but the film really belongs to Pat Morita, an actor who has been around for a long time (he was Arnold on “Happy Days”) but has never had a role this good.

Morita elevates Miyagi to the level of applied serenity. Miyagi’s words are so carefully chosen in a couple of scenes where he has to face down a hostile karate coach that it doesn’t give the other guy any reason to get violent; Miyagi uses the language as carefully as his hands or arms to ward off blows and gain an advantage. It’s refreshing to see a completely unique character like this old man. “The Karate Kid” is a sleeper with a title that misleads you: it’s one of 1984’s best movies.

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