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Do I Need A Root Canal Quiz – Find Now


Take this Do I Need A Root Canal Quiz to find out. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

What exactly is a root canal?
Root canal therapy or treatment is used to remove bacteria from an infected root canal in order to save the natural tooth and prevent reinfection. The infected or inflamed pulp is removed during a root canal treatment. After the pulp is removed, the inside of the tooth is sterilized and cleaned before being filled and closed.

Root Canal Symptoms That Are Most Common
Only by visiting a dentist can you be certain that you require a root canal. However, there are some symptoms to be aware of. The following are some of the most common root canal symptoms:

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Constant Ache

Constant pain is one of the signs that you may require a root canal. This would be pain that bothers you all of the time or that goes away but returns. You may experience pain in areas other than your tooth, such as your jaw, face, or other teeth, as well as deep within the bone of your tooth. Tooth pain can indicate a variety of problems, including a damaged filling, a cavity, pain transferred from a sinus infection, an infected impacted tooth, or gum disease. In any case, if you are experiencing persistent pain, you should consult with your dentist. Also, you must try to play this Do I Need A Root Canal Quiz.

Do I Need A Root Canal Quiz

Your Tooth Discoloration

If you have a pulp infection, your tooth may become discolored. Damage to the roots caused by a breakdown of the internal tissue or trauma to the tooth can cause your teeth to appear grayish or black. Although tooth discoloration can be caused by a variety of factors, if your teeth are beginning to change color, you should consult your dentist.

Heat and cold sensitivity

If you experience pain in your tooth while drinking or eating something hot or cold, you may require a root canal. The sensitivity can manifest as a sharp pain or a dull ache, and you may be able to feel it for an extended period of time, even after you have finished drinking or eating. If you’re sensitive to heat or cold, it could be a sign that the nerves in your tooth are damaged or infected.

A tooth that has been cracked or chipped

Bacteria can appear and cause an infection if you have cracked or chipped your tooth while chewing on something hard while participating in a sport, or in an accident. Even if the tooth does not crack or chip and is only injured, it can still damage the nerves to the point where root canal therapy is required.

Other signs that you need a root canal include swelling or tenderness of the gums near the tooth where you are experiencing pain, bumps that resemble pimples in the area where you are experiencing pain, and tooth movement.

About the quiz

Root Canal Treatment

The dentist will determine the need for a root canal using one or more of the following methods: x-rays, the cavity test, selective anesthesia (to determine the source of pain when the patient is unable to do so), thermal and electric testing, or tapping on the problem tooth. If the dentist determines that you require root canal surgery, he will proceed to the states of root canal surgery, which include:

X-rays – to more clearly identify the damage;

  • Anesthesia – the dentist will use an anesthetic to alleviate any pain the patient may be experiencing.
  • Placing a dental dam – to prevent any saliva from entering the area;
  • Creating an opening in the tooth and then removing the infected pulp – the dentist will drill a hole in your tooth and remove the bacteria-infected pulp.
  • Putting medicine on the opening – the dentist will medicate the internal tooth to remove bacteria.
  • Sealing the tooth – a permanent material will be used to close the opening; and
  • Restoring the tooth – the final stage involves your dentist restoring your tooth.

The cost of a root canal procedure varies depending on the dentist who treats the problem and the severity of the disease.

Following a Root Canal

You may experience tooth sensitivity or pain following a root canal treatment. If you notice any increased tooth sensitivity, you should try to use sensitive-tooth oral care products and soft-bristled toothbrushes.

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