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Take this Dating Strengths And Weaknesses Quiz to find out what are yours. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

I discovered that all I need to do to heat up my relationship is ask my partner to list my six greatest strengths as well as six of my somewhat obvious weaknesses. But, at the risk of boring you all to tears with repetition, I should explain what I’m doing in this 6-part post-edition. *** You realize that if you’ve been reading for a while, you can skip down to the green “begin here” button!

In my previous post, Relationship Eyes, I provided a list of reasons that Sam and I have discovered as some (but not all) of the reasons why we may not share the same perspective on any given situation. Also, you must try to play this Dating Strengths And Weaknesses Quiz. You might want to go back and read that post before continuing:

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When we are both looking at the same experience or problem, there are five main reasons why I may not see what my partner sees:

  • I am a woman, and he is a man. Simply put, our brains are wired differently.
  • We are both gifted with specific strengths and challenged with specific character flaws.
  • We both come from different backgrounds, which have shaped many aspects of our personalities in different ways. And those backgrounds usually come with baggage that clouds our vision.
  • We approach issues/problems from various perspectives. To give one example, he is a logical thinker, whereas I am not.
  • We aren’t always equally invested in the issue at hand.
  • As promised, I’m delving a little deeper into each point in an effort to dispel some myths and offer ideas that put a positive spin on personality differences. More on the first point can be found in the post, He’s a Man and I’m a Woman… However, it does not have to be a lethal combination. And now you’ve caught up completely…

Dating Strengths And Weaknesses Quiz

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Kevin Patterson, author of the For Hire series and a previous guest on this podcast, conducted an interview series in which he asked the following questions:
  • What aspects of polyamory are you particularly good at?
  • What aspects of polyamory do you find difficult?
  • How do you deal with them and/or overcome them?
  • This episode discusses identifying our relationships’ strengths and weaknesses. This often takes a lot of practice because assessing our own strengths and weaknesses can be difficult for a variety of reasons:
  • We don’t see ourselves in the same way that others do.
  • Our strengths could be something that comes naturally to us but that we don’t consider to be a strength.
  • We think about strength in too narrow a way when we should think about it in a broader sense.
  • In certain situations, our weaknesses can also be our strengths; for example, persistence can be associated with stubbornness.
  • It’s difficult not to compare ourselves to others, and it’s difficult to call something a strength if you believe someone else is better at it than you are.

About the quiz

Being conscious

  • In a relationship, it’s critical to be aware of both your partner’s strengths and weaknesses. A study published in Psychological Assessment found that couples who have a better understanding of and appreciation for each other’s strengths:
  • Reported having more satisfying sex lives and relationships.
  • Were more likely to believe that their partners supported their goals and wished for them to grow as people.
  • They had a better appreciation for their own strengths, had more intimacy, and were more fulfilled in their psychological needs for autonomy, competence, and relatedness.
  • They discovered that seeing their partners’ strengths as assets rather than potential weaknesses led to happier relationships.
  • Furthermore, knowing each other’s flaws is essential because, no matter how hard you try to hide them, flaws and bad habits will emerge as the relationship progresses.
  • Discussing each other’s flaws is a great way to figure out why they exist in the first place and learn more about your partner.
  • Knowing each other’s flaws allows for more grace and forgiveness when mistakes are made.
  • You can help each other overcome them, and getting to know your partner better fosters intimacy.

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