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Young Jane Eyre is an orphan being fostered by her ruthless, affluent aunt, Mrs. Reed. One of the few acts of compassion that Jane encounters is from a servant by the name of Bessie, who entertains her with stories and songs. One day, Jane’s aunt locks her up in the red chamber, where Jane’s uncle Reed passed away, as a punishment for arguing with her bullying cousin John Reed. Jane is confined and screams and faints because she thinks she can see her uncle’s spirit there. When she awakes, she is in the care of Bessie and kind-hearted pharmacist Mr. Lloyd, who recommends to Mrs. Reed that Jane be sent to school. Jane is delighted when Mrs. Reed agrees.

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After arriving at Lowood School, Jane discovers that her life is everything but ideal. Mr. Brocklehurst, the headmaster of the school, is a vicious, dishonest, and nasty individual. Brocklehurst uses the money from the school to support his own family’s luxurious lifestyle while preaching to his students about poverty and misery. This Jane Eyre quiz will help you remember certain details.

Jane Eyre quiz

Jane makes a friend at Lowood named Helen Burns, who is both useful and irritating to Jane due to her strong, martyrlike attitude about the problems at the school. Helen passes away from consumption as Lowood is hit by a severe typhus outbreak. The pandemic also causes Mr. Brocklehurst to leave Lowood by drawing attention to the unsanitary conditions there. Jane’s life substantially improves after Brocklehurst is replaced by a group of guys who are more compassionate. She stays at Lowood for a total of eight years—six as a student and two as a teacher. Also, you must try to play this Jane Eyre quiz.


Jane Eyre

Jane, the book’s main character and narrator, is a young woman with a plain appearance who is educated, honest, and has to deal with injustice, discrimination, and hardship. Jane encounters a number of people who pose a threat to her independence, but she repeatedly succeeds in standing up for herself and defending her beliefs in fairness, human dignity, and morality. She places priority on both emotional and intellectual fulfillment. The Victorian biases against women and the impoverished are challenged by her fervent commitment in gender and social equality.

Edward Rochester

Rochester, the master of Thornfield and Jane’s employer, is a wealthy, ardent man with a sinister secret that contributes significantly to the novel’s suspense. To connect with Jane honestly and openly, Rochester is willing to put aside proper etiquette, decency, and concern of social class. He has spent a large portion of his adult life wandering around Europe in an effort to escape the repercussions of his adolescent transgressions. He is reckless and impetuous. He is a sympathetic character since he has endured so much because of his early marriage to Bertha, even though some of his issues are the product of his own carelessness.

St. John Rivers

St. John (pronounced “Sinjin”) helps Jane after she runs away from Thornfield by providing for her needs, along with his sisters Mary and Diana. St. John, the minister at Morton, has a chilly, guarded demeanor and frequently exerts control over others. St. John acts as a counterpoint to Edward Rochester because he is completely cut off from his emotions and focused only on an austere ambition.

Mrs. Reed

Jane is cruelly raised at Gateshead Hall by her aunt Mrs. Reed until she is eleven years old and is sent away to school. Later in life, Jane makes an effort to make amends with her aunt, but the elderly woman is still angry with her because her husband had always preferred Jane over his own children.

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