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Take this How To Find My Art Style Quiz to find out. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.


Let’s start with the most difficult! If you’re a literal person, abstract paintings can be difficult to grasp since they don’t portray anything genuine – no person, no place, no item. Artists create the look by painting colors, shapes, forms, and expressive gestures such as a paint stroke or even a seemingly random splash.

According to Tate, the definition of abstract is “to remove or withdraw anything from something else.” They define abstract art as “work that is not representational, may be based on a subject, or may have no external source at all.”


If you’ve ever been to the MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) in New York, you know how enthralling modern art can be. It takes more than one day to truly appreciate everything there is.

Modern art, which encompasses works created between the 1860s and the 1970s, deviated from traditional techniques and forms. Modern art is difficult to define because it relates to a time period rather than a form of art. The Art Story, on the other hand, defines modern art as ‘the artist’s purpose to portray a topic as it exists in the world, according to his or her unique perspective, and is marked by a rejection of established or traditional techniques and ideals.’

Modern artists rejected the rational world that came before them in favor of an experimental spirit. Our own online Modern art collection celebrates vivid colors, line, and shape – bringing a new perspective to every element of life.

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Impressionism, widely regarded as the first modern trend in painting, began as a formal art practice in Paris in the 1860s before spreading throughout Europe and the United States. Impressionist art, as seen in our online gallery, highlights the use of light and brushwork to capture the essence of a subject. It basically tells a story without relying on realistic depictions.

Impressionist artists, according to Art Movements, ‘incorporated new scientific discoveries into the physics of color to obtain a more precise portrayal of color and tone.’ It was more about the artist’s interpretation of the subject than the actual matter itself. The subjective nature of storytelling is what makes it so appealing. Also, you must try to play this How To Find My Art Style Quiz.

How To Find My Art Style Quiz

Pop Art

Pop art, which first appeared in the mid-1950s, is still so popular today that people of all ages like it. It would look excellent in a teen’s room, a woman’s retreat, or a man cave. It truly speaks a language that spans generations.

Pop art frequently incorporates images from popular culture and mass media, such as news, advertisements, movie stars, and comic comics. It posed a challenge to fine art traditions in its early days. Today’s pop art is inspired by that era, and it is full of color and joy.


One could discuss or write about cubism all day, but in the end, witnessing it will teach you much more about this form of art, so make sure to visit our Cubism gallery to get a complete appreciation.

If you think of Pablo Picasso when you think of cubism, you’re on the correct track because he and Georges Braque both started the trend in the early 1900s. Despite the fact that it appears to be rather abstract in shape, it is actually a realistic style.

According to Art History, cubism has three major ingredients: geometricity, simultaneity (many viewpoints), and passage. Artists address the ‘fourth dimension,’ which is why cubism pieces frequently feature the same subject from many perspectives — it’s a quest for meaning or knowledge, pointing out that the world is not as it appears. That is why cubism is often filled with color and liveliness!


Was it the word or the creative movement that came first? In any case, the word’surreal’ is now synonymous with ‘strange,’ which is often a good way to define this art genre. Weird is good in this case.

Surrealism is a type of expression that “exceeds realism.” It takes genuine objects and sets them in fantastical settings. It is devoid of conscience and convention. It’s as though I’m living in a dream. We always have a good time stocking our Surrealism gallery with items that challenge and amaze our customers.

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While the term “modern” relates to a specific time period, “contemporary” refers to the current, therefore it is a style that is always evolving because it is the style of the present. Contemporary art is fundamentally ‘the creation of new work,’ but it can also refer to what has been created in the recent 6 months to a year, and for certain art curators, it can even span two to ten years (Art Gallery NSW). If you want to keep it simple, it essentially refers to art created throughout our lifetimes.

In our own online gallery, we enjoy showcasing contemporary work that makes use of cutting-edge digital and rendering techniques. Some of it is abstract, but not all of it. These pieces look fantastic in newly constructed or refurbished homes. They have a lot of color and can liven up an otherwise boring area.


Fantasy art has its roots in centuries-old folk art, as well as Christian mythological art and Greek and Roman art. Fantasy art arose from the literary realm and was mostly used to represent storytelling.

Adults and children alike enjoy fantasy art because it allows them to escape into magical, mythological places. Our Fantasy collection includes unicorns, faeries, dragons, and a plethora of woodland and sea spirits.

Fantasy art will offer whimsy and romance to a master bedroom and a feeling of wonder to a child’s bedroom.


Graffiti, which is typically painted on public walls, is a constantly evolving kind of popular art, ranging from slogans and words to elaborate and colorful wall murals. When artwork is created on private property without permission, it is often considered vandalism (even by the most prolific painters!). When shown in a gallery or painted on canvas, it is absolutely legal and yours to enjoy!

If you love color and want to celebrate the best of what city life has to offer, our online Urban/Graffiti collection contains a variety of gritty, edgy, and spectacular graffiti pieces.

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