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The “scene” style evolved from many rock subgenres such as alternative and hardcore. Scenesters take great interest in their overall appearance, and they frequently prioritize shock value. Some individuals feel that the scene is simply a genre of music. Scene kids, on the other hand, believe that their style is more than just a fashion statement; it is a way of life.

Hairstyles popular among scene boys and girls include jagged layers and side bangs. Some girls will tease their hair at the top to make it poofy. Also common in the scene style is coloring sections of your hair with unexpected colors. Daily, many scene girls will wear at least one bow/headband/tiara in their hair.

Makeup is another important aspect of the scene’s design. Both guys and girls will use a lot of black eyeliner, while some girls may use vibrant colors instead. Bright makeup and false eyelashes are particularly popular among females.

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Many of the kids in the scene will have facial or ear piercings. Gauge piercings are rather prevalent. Tattoos are very common among scene kids. It is common for them to have multiple of these, but it is not required.

Are You A Scene Kid Quiz

Scene youngsters like to wear many inches of rubber and plastic bracelets on each arm. Plastic bead necklaces and necklaces with charming charms like hello cat, broken hearts, skulls, bats, diamonds, or lollipops are also acceptable. Scene kids wear sneakers like Converse, Vans, DC, and Osiris. Girls choose brightly colored flats that are childish. Large antique sunglasses are also trendy. Also, you must try to play this Are You A Scene Kid quiz.

Scene youngsters of either gender will nearly always wear slim jeans. They can be black, blue, faded, smeared with paint, tattered, or even neon colors. Leggings as pants are common since they are usually even tighter than slim jeans. Girls will frequently wear tutus or tiered skirts, usually above the knees. In the summer, very short jean shorts are also suitable. Scene girls frequently wear bright leggings/tights or knee-high socks under their skirts and shorts.

Graphic tees are popular clothes for both sexes. Skintight tee shirts with cartoon characters like hello cat, gloomy bear, scale animals, pokemon, Invader Zim, or Spongebob are quite popular. T-shirts with classic patterns, polka dots, stripes, checkers, zebra, and leopard prints are also popular with scene kids. Band tees are highly popular.

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Mad Molly, then nineteen, was too young for MySpace, which peaked in 2008, although her style suggests otherwise. Mad Molly, who chose the name “sounds great” because it “sounds cool,” looks like the platform’s renowned scene queens, whose dyed-and-teased hair, brightly colored apparel, and angled photos set the standard for a new niche of alternative youth online in the mid-00s to early 2010s. Mad Molly, on the other hand, has made her mark on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube rather than amassing a slew of friends to put into her Top 8.

Molly takes selfies on Instagram, in between pictures of Gloomy Bear, that draw clear similarities to Avril Lavigne. She distributes videos on YouTube like “How to Be Scene in 2020,” “My Scene Hair Timeline,” and “Scene/Emo Outfits: Summer” like an old sage in the scene. But it’s on TikTok that Mad Molly has truly taken off, with over 350,000 followers at the time of publication. On the music-focused platform, she posts videos of herself dancing to Brokencyde while wearing multicolored raccoon stripes in her hair and joking about the subject “Why would you want to be a [scene] queen in 2020?”

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