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Keep your identity.
New relationships are exciting, and while it’s natural to want to find common interests and shared ideas, it’s also crucial to keep your distinct identity. We’ve all met that inseparable couple whose personalities and interests appear to have fused into a single being. And I believe we can all agree that this is not a #relationshipgoal. Individuality is acknowledged in healthy and long-term relationships, as is the notion that diverse identities and interests can complement each other and form a stronger link.

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Set your own objectives.
Setting personal goals is an excellent method to keep your identity as an individual. Work-related goals, as well as goals linked to exercise, dieting, or artistic pursuits, can all be included. Devoting mental energy to self-improvement goals separate from your partnership helps carve out much-needed personal space in both fresh and long-term relationships. Encouraging your partner to exhibit the same behavior will allow you both to grow and thrive separately. Partners who encourage one other’s personal development can also grow together.

Is Your Relationship Going To Last Quiz

Establish mutual objectives
While setting personal objectives is a smart approach to keep your identity in a long-term relationship, it is equally crucial to share future goals with your partner and work together to achieve those goals. Do you want to go to Peru? Do you want to save money for a down payment on a house? Do you want to know how to two-step? Establish what you want to pursue as a partnership so that you can envision at least a portion of your future as a couple. Developing shared goals early in a relationship might help it last longer by ensuring that both you and your partner are on the same page regarding crucial life decisions like having children, living near extended family, owning pets, and so on. Also, you must try to play this Is Your Relationship Going To Last Quiz.

Make a concession
While originality is vital, you must tread a fine line between expressing yourself and your thoughts without overshadowing your partner’s expression or demands. Maintaining your identity and setting objectives does not mean putting yourself ahead of your partner, so approach the duration of your relationship with an open mind so that both you and your partner may make mutually beneficial decisions as a team. This sometimes means not always getting your way, which can be a difficult pill to chew, but in the end, give and take is essential in partnerships. It’s crucial to remember that compromising isn’t about keeping track of who gets what; it’s about accepting that you have to give a little to gain a little and that being flexible will lead to a healthier relationship in the long run.

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Avoid becoming defensive and instead engage in open communication.

We may overcome actual hurdles in our relationships by encouraging open communication and being attentive to feedback. When our partner provides us feedback, instead of making excuses or counterattacking, we should look for the kernel of truth in what they’re saying. Consider what is applicable and be understanding of how they feel. In the same way, you should strive to be direct and honest with yourself.

Always remember to be generous.

Being generous entails giving of oneself, but it also entails receiving what is given to you. Make an effort to express gratitude, even if presents and recognition are difficult to come by. It’s crucial not to keep score when it comes to the natural give and take in a relationship. Being giving will make you feel good about yourself and warm toward your partner, both of which will keep the spark alive.

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is your relationship going to last quiz
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