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“What is the significance of a name?” Shakespeare once inquired. “By any other name, what we call a rose would smell as sweet.” The name is the game, and it is extremely important in mythology. IF YOU THINK I’M CRAZY, YOU’RE NOT ALONE, BUT YOU’RE ALSO WRONG. There is a thing called “Kabalarians” that, as their website openly proclaims, “Since 1930 proving your names affect your life.” I favor mythology, but we can both agree that names are important. After the break, we’ll examine more closely the names in Star Wars…

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As we all know, Star Wars is fantasy mythology set in outer space, also known as “space opera.” Mythology and symbolism go hand in hand because mythology’s symbolism illuminates profound psychological notions. Symbols are significant to the human mind because they are frequently visual representations of complex ideas about which people form positive, negative, or neutral associations. When I show you a symbol, you immediately comprehend its significance. Also, you must try to play this What Is My Jedi Name quiz.

What Is My Jedi Name quiz

Symbols and their connotations are vital in almost all forms of artistic endeavor, particularly story-telling – literature, television, and cinema. As such, words are just as significant as visual symbols in that they, too, produce strong connections that help to depict the major saga’s character and/or themes. It’s no surprise that so many of these symbolic names can be found within the Star Wars world and aren’t just odd sci-fi “space names.” There’s a lot more to these characters than meets the eye, and I’m not referring to “Transformers.” Screen Crush conducted their name analysis with the help of Kabalarian “rapid name analysis.” I, on the other hand, will share my thoughts on Star Wars names.

ANAKIN = We are presented to “The Chosen One,” who will bring the Force back into balance. Anakin Skywalker is the classic Star Wars figure, serving as both hero and villain throughout the narrative. His name has several intriguing features. For example, he had the moniker “Ani.” Ani is a type of bird, and birds, of course, are associated with flying or, in legend, “Skywalking.” Anakin Skywalker was an exceptional pilot. Anakin’s name carries a slew of meanings that are far too numerous to state here.

PADME = Sounds like the Padma, which is Sanskrit meaning “lotus” flower.

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AMIDALA = During the PT era, enthusiasts claimed that this was an anagram of the phrase “Dalai Lama.” It is not a precise anagram, but it appears more than coincidental that Queen Amidala was a child ruler of her people in a manner very similar to how the new Dalai Lama is chosen, identified as the next ruler of Buddhists as a child.

QUI-GON JINN = Jinn were superhuman entities in Arabic mythology, just below Angels and Demons. Jinn is the source of the term “genie.” Magic is utilized by Genies to grant wishes, and Qui-Gon uses the Force as its equivalent in the Star Wars world. Check out Kenobi.DK for an intriguing, but all-too-brief, read on the symbols in these names.

NUTE = Or, as we know it, the word “newt,” which is a type of amphibian meant to conjure up images of lizards and serpents. And, of course, serpents have long been portrayed as wicked, as the tale goes, the king of all serpents caused Adam and Eve’s fall.

GUNRAY = Is merely a transposition of the word “raygun.” As the plot of this character unfolds, we realize that he is utilized as a weapon by the Phantom Menace, who is pulling the strings behind the scenes.

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what is my jedi name quiz
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