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  1. Is it feasible for me to be more than one type of sub? I don’t feel like a little, but I enjoy hugs, coloring, and watching kid movies, so it’s possible that I don’t even realize I’m a little.
  2. I’m still not sure what the distinctions between a Daddy Dom, a typical Dom, and a Protector Dom are. There are also more particular varieties like as Primal, Hedonistic, and Sadomasochistic. With so many possibilities, how will I know which one is best for me? Especially when I enjoy bits and pieces of all the many “kind” of Doms.
  3. How can I know which sort of Dom would be best for me if I have several subtypes? It seems like it would make it much more difficult to find the proper individual.
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Yes, it is possible to possess more than one submissive feature. For example, I am a submissive with a variety of submissive characteristics. I’m largely a service submissive in the sense that I get a lot of joy from serving my husband by instinctively addressing his wants, sexually pleasing him, supplying him with food and warm drinks, and so on. I also have little/middle qualities in that I adore wearing bright colors and “cutesy” outfits.

What Kind Of Dom Are You Quiz

On other days, I feel regressive, childlike in spirit and mind, and coping with adult reality is difficult for me. But I also go through rebellious stages in which I want to dress all black, listen to rock music, acquire tattoos and piercings, and act out in unusual ways for a middle-aged woman. I’m a bit of a rope bunny in that I prefer being bound, but I’m also a little primitive in that I enjoy being held down, bitten, pursued, and pushed to submit, both in and out of the bedroom.

Submission isn’t a defining title for me; it’s a way of being.

Before reaching out to Dom’s, you must have a clear grasp of your particular wants and needs. If you’re more of a “little,” you’ll desire a dominant “caregiver” rather than a sadist. Caregivers provide direction, patience, and affection. Sadists take joy in inflicting suffering. You’ll look for a “rigger” if you’re a rope bunny. If you’re a slave, look for a master, and so on… Having a clear understanding of what you want and need from a dominant helps them to address their abilities and desires in what you’re looking for and determine if they are compatible. Also, you must try to play this What Kind Of Dom Are You Quiz.

According to my understanding, a protector is dominant with expertise in the lifestyle who supports a submissive in coming to understand their nature through a hands-off approach. They also talk to interested dominants and accompany the sub to munches and clubs. They’re essentially a protective shield and a haven for a new sub to explore without actually being the dominating sub.

About the quiz

Knowing who you are in submission is about having a clear idea of who you are and what you want and need, not about fitting into a specific category.

Another example: I must provide service or I will feel ineffective. (D/s occurs outside of “scenes” for me, thus I would be incompatible with a part-time dominant.)
I feel stuck unless I have the flexibility to express myself through my clothes and makeup. (This is tough for Doms who want complete control over their subs’ wardrobes, thus I would be incompatible with most masters.)
I need my Dom’s full attention or I’ll suffer from debilitating insecurity. (As a result, I would be incompatible with a Dom who prefers open relationships.)

When you know these facts about yourself, you can convey them to a Dom or read what a Dom is demanding and determine if it is appropriate for you.

The Submissives Guide has a wealth of information on delving deep to find your wishes and needs.

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what kind of dom are you quiz
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