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Loneliness in a new situation. You’ve relocated to a new city where you don’t know anyone, started a new job or enrolled in a school with a lot of fresh faces. You’re feeling lonely.

Loneliness because I’m unique. You’re in a familiar setting, but you feel distinct from the other people in a way that makes you feel lonely. Perhaps your faith is really important to you, but the people around you do not share it – or vice versa. Perhaps everyone else enjoys outdoor activities but you don’t – or vice versa. It can be difficult to connect with others about the things that are important to you. Or maybe you’re just experiencing the loneliness that we all experience from time to time – the loneliness that is a natural part of the human condition.

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Loneliness without a sweetheart. Even if you have a large family and a large circle of acquaintances, you are lonely because you lack the deep attachment of a loving partner. Maybe you have a partner, but you don’t feel a strong connection to him or her. Also, you must try to play this How Lonely Am I Quiz.

How Lonely Am I Quiz

Loneliness without animals. Many people have a strong desire to communicate with animals. If this characterizes you, these interactions sustain you in ways that human partnerships cannot. While I like my dog Barnaby, I don’t feel this way — but many people believe that if they don’t have a dog or cat (or, less conveniently, a horse) in their lives, something fundamental is missing.

No-time-for-me loneliness Sometimes you’re surrounded by individuals who appear to be pleasant, but they don’t want to go from friendly to friends. Maybe they’re too preoccupied with their own life, or they already have a lot of friends, so while you’d like to make a deeper connection, they don’t appear interested. Or perhaps your current pals have reached a new period in which they no longer have time for the things you all used to do – everyone has begun working very long hours or has started a family, and your social scene has altered.

Loneliness from untrustworthy friends. You may find yourself in a scenario where you begin to question whether your pals are actually well-meaning, kind, and helpful. You have “friends” but don’t completely trust them. The capacity to confide and trust is a key component of friendship, so if that is missing, you may feel lonely, even though you have fun with your friends.

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Loneliness in quiet presence. You may feel lonely at times because you miss having someone else’s calm presence. You may have a busy social circle at work, as well as a large number of friends and family, but you miss having someone to hang out with at home — whether that means living with a roommate, a family member, or a sweetheart. Just someone making a cup of coffee or reading on the couch in the next room.

It’s critical to understand why we feel lonely because only then can we figure out how to deal with it. If you’re no-time-for-me lonely, for example, working with others on a project where you’d be performing an endeavor together, on something you’ve all made time for, could be a solution. My mother once said, and I believe she is correct, that it is easier to make friends when you are working on a project together.

Loneliness is a key contributor to sadness, therefore it’s a crucial area to address if you want to improve your happiness.

Strong ties to other people are one of the keys — if not the key — to happiness. The absence of these relationships, even if just briefly, is a major source of unhappiness. Have you discovered any effective methods for understanding and dealing with loneliness?

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