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Lemuel Gulliver, a realistic Englishman who was trained as a surgeon, embarks on a journey across the ocean after his business fails, as told in Gulliver’s Travels. Gulliver recounts the misadventures that occur to him on these journeys in a deadpan first-person narrative that hardly ever demonstrates any symptoms of self-reflection or intense emotional response.

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When Gulliver wakes up after his shipwreck, he discovers that he is bound by many tiny threads and being addressed by tiny captors who are awestruck by him but fiercely protective of their realm. This is the beginning of Gulliver’s voyage in Lilliput. Despite the fact that their arrows are hardly more than pinpricks, they are not afraid to employ violence against Gulliver. They risk hunger in their country by feeding Gulliver, who eats more than a thousand Lilliputians could, although they are generally friendly. Gulliver is transported into the capital by a huge wagon that the Lilliputians made specifically for the purpose. This Gulliver’s Travels quiz will help you remember certain details.

Gulliver’s Travels quiz

Gulliver entertains the emperor while presenting him to him, and he is touched by the attention of royalty. The army eventually uses Gulliver as a national asset in its conflict with the Blefuscuans, whom the Lilliputians despise for holding different views on how to crack eggs. However, all changes when Gulliver is found guilty of treason for using his urine to put out a fire in the royal palace and is sentenced to die by being shot in the eyes and starved. Gulliver manages to get away to Blefuscu, where he may fix a boat he discovers and set sail for England. Also, you must try to play this Gulliver’s Travels quiz.



the protagonist and narrator of the narrative. Lemuel Gulliver is clearly intelligent and well-educated, yet his perceptions are naive and gullible despite the colorful and precise style of storytelling. His opinions are absolutely factual, and he essentially has no emotional life, or at least is unaware of it. As his fictitious editor Richard Sympson makes obvious when he discusses having to trim away over half of Gulliver’s verbiage, sometimes his concern with the facts of navigation, for instance, becomes intolerable for us. Gulliver never finds the oddities amusing and never draws the satirical parallels between the places he travels and his own country. Because of Gulliver’s ignorance, we are able to satirize him because we see things that he does not.

The emperor

the Lilliput king. The emperor is less than six inches tall, much like every other Lilliputian. Gulliver is genuinely moved by his majesty and strength, but we find him to be both ridiculous and sinister. Though given his diminutive stature, his confidence in his ability to rule Gulliver is absurd, his readiness to put his subjects to death for trivial matters of politics or honor gives him a terrifying air. He takes great pride in having the tallest trees and largest palace in the kingdom, but he is also quite hospitable and lavishes money on the food of his captives. The emperor is a surprisingly serious portrayal of governmental authority as well as a mockery of the dictatorial monarch.

The farmer

The first master of Gulliver in Brobdingnag. The farmer speaks to Gulliver gently, indicating that he is willing to accept the possibility that the relatively small Gulliver may be as sane as he is. However, the farmer exhibits Gulliver all around Brobdingnag, making it very evident that he prefers to make money off of his discovery than engaging him in conversation on an equal footing. It appears more simpleminded than cruel because he uses Gulliver as a slave and nearly starves him to death. Typically, the farmer is a Brobdingnagian of average intelligence and talent who has amazing control over Gulliver merely by virtue of his enormous size.

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