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Take this Great British Bake Off Quiz to find out are you a great baker. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

When you watch a new season of The Great British Bake Off (or, as it’s known on Netflix in the United States, the Great British Baking Show), you expect to see the following: Judge Prue Leith will wear statement glasses and necklaces, host Noel Fielding will wear statement everything, bakers and watchers alike will underestimate the power of a Paul Hollywood handshake, and long pictures of babbling brooks and greenery will be shown. More than anything, you expect that signature Bake Off calm, which can only be found while watching a group of Brits treat each other nicely while struggling to produce Kouign-Amann or complex gingerbread buildings inspired by their childhoods.

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But why should 2020, the year of pestilence, retribution, and the presidential election, provide us just one simple pleasure? Why would Bake Off be safe in such an uncertain time? Perhaps because the production went to such measures to maintain some sense of normalcy, with its crew and cast residing on-site and submitting to frequent COVID-19 testing so that they could mingle freely in the large white tent. Despite Matt Lucas’ efforts and the welcomed (kind of) inclusion, something about Season 11 feels, well, underbaked and under-proofed. Also, you must try to play this Great British Bake Off Quiz.

Great British Bake Off Quiz

My colleague James Hansen has been tracking the chaos created by rainbow bagels and ambulance-shaped Battenbergs in his Eater London recaps, but he has more refined tastes than I do. I’m easily satisfied with Bake Off clichés: I chuckle at the hosts’ jokes, swoon to bucolic B roll, and marvel at the candidates’ biographies and odd hobbies. I’ll cry every time I hear the elderly widower talk about how lonely he was before coming to the show and meeting his fellow bakers. I’m not technically savvy enough to be bothered by bakers’ errors, and there are few things more amusing than things that are trying to look like something else but clearly do not, such as a cake bust of David Bowie that looks like a melting snowman. To put it simply, I’m a soft target! Nonetheless, I’m uneasy.

It’s possible that the challenges have been relying less and less on classic baking and more on trendy Instagram delicacies (like the rainbow bagels), however, this isn’t the first time the show has gone beyond. Then there’s the irony that none of the bakers figured out brownies in the same show — Season 11, Chocolate Week — when Leith lambasted New York chocolate babka. This wouldn’t be a big deal on other shows, but given that Bake Off’s worst scandal was two bakers apologizing to each other and both claiming guilt for a damaged baked Alaska, Leith’s verbal assault on a New York City delicacy could have re-ignited the Battle of Bunker Hill.

There’s also a nagging annoyance for me as Bake Off’s judges and hosts — a group that, unlike the bakers, has been steadily and frustratingly white throughout the series’ run — have gradually transitioned from three women (hosts Sue Perkins and Mel Giedroyc and judge Mary Berry) and one man (Hollywood) to three men (Fielding, Lucas, and Hollywood) and one woman (Fielding) (Leith). Unlike Perkins and Giedroyc, who seemed to irritate Hollywood at times, the current hosts seem mostly adoring of him, almost as if he were the literal king of all bread.

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And, of course, there was that brief and delightful moment when Fielding co-hosted the program with Sandi Toksvig, but it was all too brief (pause for a Fielding-Esque joke about Toksvig’s petite height here). This is not a criticism of Lucas. He’s doing well as a new co-host, but if there was even a remote chance that Toksvig would return, I wouldn’t hesitate to throw him into a current, provided he’s a strong enough swimmer to get back to London.

Perhaps the problem isn’t the show at all, but rather an evidence of how difficult this year has been. 2020 has been such a flop that The Great British Bake Off is no longer effective as a visual valium. In your primary school D.A.R.E. program, they warn you about drugs as follows: Begin, and you’ll find yourself chasing higher and stronger highs as your body adapts. So, what comes next? Trying to immerse yourself further in a fantasy universe free of coronavirus and host upheaval? Where red foxes run through clover fields and the air smells like freshly baked bread? Or will we grow up and realize that the idealized world of Bake Off was never genuine in the first place and that we need to build healthier, more stable coping mechanisms? Sure, sure! I’ll get to it someday, but for now, I’m going to eat an entire tear-and-share shaped like Mary Berry while watching Gosford Park in the hopes that it will help fill the emptiness.

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