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The most recent binge-drop k-drama releases on Netflix have been uneven. From straightforward remakes like Money Heist: Joint Economic Area to reimaginings of classic genre works like Narcos (in Narco-Saints) and Breaking Bad, we’ve seen it all (in A Model Family). These recent high-profile productions from the region, despite typically being at the vanguard of inventive, high-quality television, have fallen short of the creativity and zeitgeisty potential of something like, say, Squid Game. So, if there’s anything positive to say about the most recent effort, Glitch, it’s that it’s odd.

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Although the adjective “weird” is subjective and can take many forms, most people understand what I mean when I use it. The plot in this story is driven by paranoia and conspiracy theories, and it has the chaotic sense of a conspiracist while occasionally hankering after concepts that are a little beyond its grasp. However, the show is bold enough to be unconventional and ambitious, which in today’s entertainment landscape must mean something.

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Anyway, it deals with such topics as religious cults and aliens. Ji-hyo (Jeon Yeo-bin, the late Vincenzo) consistently sees one extraterrestrial, but she dismisses it as a sign of waning mental stability since she is too dependable and straight-laced to entertain the notion that little green men appear in stores and other places. But when Ji-trusty hyo’s lover Si-hyuk vanishes, she is thrust back into a conspiracy that intersects with her early friendship with Bo-ra (Nana), who later became a UFO obsession. Also, you must try to play this Glitch quiz.

Aliens are nothing new, of course, and in everything from The X-Files to Close Encounters of the Third Kind, our comprehension of the mysterious has been mediated through a big-headed avatar that is instantly identifiable. However, like zombies, aliens are typically used as a pretext to ask questions about humans, including what motivates and inspires us, as well as the boundaries of our knowledge and morals. Glitch does use this strategy to some level, but it also purposefully deviates from typical genre assumptions, making it challenging to predict even when it occasionally descends into being tedious and uninteresting. Also, you will find out which Glitch character are you in this quiz.


Jeon YeoBeen as Hong JiHyo

Hong JiHyo is well-off and has a steady career as an everyday office worker. She also has a lover of many years. She has, however, gone through life not caring that she occasionally sees extraterrestrials.

When her boyfriend mysteriously vanishes one day, JiHyo, who is following the leads she has discovered, meets Heo BoRa, an ex-friend and UFO enthusiast, and the two of them begin looking into her missing partner’s location.

After School’s NaNa as Heo BoRa

Heo BoRa has been investigating unexplained flying objects for many years. When she meets Hong JiHyo, they go on a quest to locate JiHyo’s missing boyfriend.

About the Glitch quiz

The Glitch quiz is made up of 30 questions that will help you uncover which character from the Netflix tv-show The Glitch you are most similar to. It uses a specific technique to determine your personality and compare it with the character in the movie.

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