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Take this Freaky Or Innocent Quiz to find out. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

Discipline and Bondage
The letters “B” and “D” in the BDSM stand for utilizing constraints to increase sexual pleasure and delivering instructions, rules, or punishments to regulate or reward behavior in the context of sex. Isn’t that useful to know?

Bondage can be as simple as pinning a partner’s hands behind their back to limit their movement or as elaborate as putting on a set of pink, fluffy handcuffs. Discipline includes both physical and psychological punishment, such as whipping with leather whips. This category includes things like limiting orgasm, denying sex, and requiring sexual or nonsexual activities.

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Masochism and Sadism
Fact: The term derives from the names of two European writers, Marquis de Sade (sadism) and Leopold von Sacher-Masoch (masochism), who chronicled how sexual pleasure may be found in the giving and receiving of pain as a form of sexual expression. In other words, these are the people you should be grateful to for 50 Shades of Grey. Also, you must try to play this Freaky Or Innocent Quiz.

Freaky Or Innocent Quiz

Submission and Domination
If you’ve ever acted out a sexual fantasy in which one partner is dominant and the other is submissive, you’ve engaged in some domination and submission play. Domination and submission are the most emotional of the three principles under the umbrella term of BDSM. In fact, some couples who enjoy it never interact physically with each other. They instead act out their dynamic over the phone or via Skype, chat, email, or other online platforms. (Think about this if you’re in an LDR.) Play out roles such as high-class escort and client or naughty student and professor to take this kink to the next level.

He’s an adventurous eater. If he has a voracious and adventurous appetite for meals, he usually has a voracious and adventurous desire for bedroom hijinks as well. They claim that the key to a lady’s orgasm is through her man’s stomach.

He has a strong influence on you. This one is self-evident, but if you’re dating a man who is hesitant to even hold your hand, he’s obviously not ready to love your body.

He enjoys eating chocolate ice cream. Pseudoscience, on the other hand, is unarguable. (Actually, you can, but let’s just say chocolate ice cream is the best.)

About the quiz

People have grown so accustomed to the evilness of the world that seeing a nice person appears strange and weird. However, one of the best characteristics of naïve ladies is their unchanging tenderness. They haven’t witnessed the world’s horrors yet, so they treat everyone with the respect they deserve. Some guys will take advantage of a sweet girl, but the majority will appreciate her generosity and want to be a part of her life.

Innocent women have not gotten intoxicated and passed out at a party, nor have they succumbed to peer pressure to use drugs. While some men want a woman with a wild side, others prefer to spend time with a lady who is dependable and steady. They like the fact that you have firm morals that you will not compromise on.

Shyness attracts some men because it makes you appear mysterious. They know you won’t open up to just anyone, so they feel compelled to work extra hard to earn your favor. Men are competitive, and they perceive you as a welcome challenge.

Some guys are drawn to sexually pure women. They want to be the first person to touch you in ways you’ve never been touched before. It instills in them a sense of power and responsibility. If he’s your first, he certainly values you and knows it.

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