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Déjà vu refers to the strange sensation of a situation feeling far more familiar than it should. Young people are the most susceptible to déjà vu. Many of us recall our first encounters between the ages of six and ten. In this article, we will look at recent research on déjà vu, including what it is, how common it is, and why scientists believe it occurs.

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Déjà vu is French for “already seen.” It is pronounced day-zhaa voo. It describes the fascinating and strange experience of feeling very familiar with something but knowing that this feeling of familiarity should not be as strong as it is. For example, you could be walking to school when you realize you’ve been in this situation before. Of course, you’ve been in this situation before – you’ve walked to school numerous times – but the feeling is so strong and so connected to the present that you know it shouldn’t feel as overwhelming as it does (see Figure 1 for a more detailed explanation of déjà vu). Déjà vu experiences are frequently described in movies and books because they can give people the impression that they have seen into the future. They are unusual but fascinating experiences that can teach us a lot about how our minds, particularly our memories, function. Also, you must try to play this Deja Vu quiz.

Deja Vu Quiz

We all go through life seeing and experiencing things that we may recall later. Our memories are usually very good, and we can usually trust the feelings of memory that we have. In this image, you are watching a video of a monkey riding a goat for the first time, so it feels strange and novel. B. Occasionally, we see and experience things that we recognize or that resemble other things we’ve seen before. When this occurs and our memories are functioning properly, we may experience a sense of familiarity. This sensation is entirely appropriate and is not a case of déjà vu. In this image, you can see a man riding a horse that resembles the monkey riding the goat that you just saw online. Although it is a coincidence that you have seen two things that are so similar, the feeling of familiarity is appropriate, so you are not experiencing déjà vu. C. A déjà vu experience occurs when something feels overly familiar, whether it is something you recognize or not, and the familiarity feels incorrect. This type of overfamiliarity is often noticeable because it occurs quickly and then fades to a normal level of familiarity. Horses appear in this image, and they seem all too familiar. You know that even if you’ve seen horses before, they shouldn’t make you feel as comfortable as these do. Then the sensation fades and you wonder what happened. That is a déjà vu feeling!

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The percentage of people who have déjà vu is probably between 30% (about 8 in a class of 30) and 100% (everyone in a class of 30) [1]. We are unsure of the precise percentage for two reasons. First, we cannot ask everyone in the world, so we must rely on the results of small-group surveys. This is a problem because survey results can vary greatly depending on who we ask. Second, depending on how we define déjà vu, people can give very different answers. Different ways of asking the question can yield very different results.


Young people are the most susceptible to déjà vu. Having said that, depending on your age, you may still have to wait a while before experiencing your first déjà vu. A very small percentage of people claim to have had their first déjà vu experience before the age of six. More people report having their first déjà vu experiences before the age of ten. It may take some time to have your first déjà vu experience because you need to be able to determine whether the feeling of familiarity you have is truly stronger than it should be. This may be difficult for many younger children.

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