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Have you ever considered how others perceive you? I mean, have you seriously considered it? We all wonder what other people think of us now and then, but we usually do so out of curiosity rather than for any constructive reason. In fact, I expect some of you to wonder why you should bother reading this because “I don’t care what other people think of me.”

If I was talking about looks or appearance, you’d be correct – I’d stop reading right now. But this blog isn’t about your appearance; it’s about how you communicate. It’s about understanding how others perceive you so you can make small changes to your behavior to appear and sound more confident.

You can understand how others perceive you if you can figure out how they perceive you. This is significant. If you get it wrong, it may give the impression that you lack confidence to some people. If you get it right, you can start thinking about changing your behavior so that their perception of you matches yours.

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In short, knowing how you appear to others puts you in control, which makes you appear and feel more confident.

Most people acknowledge that how others perceive them matters. But not everyone. Some people believe that what others think of them is unimportant. “Confident people do their own thing,” they believe. To some extent, they are correct. However, these people are not very astute. Some may even say they are overconfident. That is risky territory to be in. Also, you must try to play this How Do Strangers Perceive You quiz.

These people are typically referred to as ‘thick-skinned.’ They don’t care what other people think of them. They may even take pride in having this trait; this alleged strength of character.’ It’s true that they’re fortunate in that they aren’t affected emotionally by what other people think of them, but don’t be fooled; that’s where the benefit of thick skin ends.

How Do Strangers Perceive You?

Disclosing how you believe you come across.

You communicate with others whenever you are with them. Most people believe that ‘communication’ is simply talking. However, talking is only one aspect of what it means to communicate. Consider the concept of communication in a broader sense. Have you ever considered that how you say something may be as important as what you say?

Even when you are not speaking, you are communicating. Your mere physical presence conveys a message. People will form an opinion of you based solely on your facial expression, posture, or even the way you shake their hand.

Finding out if others agree with you – Is your perception of yourself the same as how others perceive you?

Your questionnaire results indicate how you believe you communicate. Were there any unexpected results? Keep an eye out for more information about your scores in your inbox. You can also read my free book ‘How to Get People to Listen to You’ to learn more about communication styles.

But how can you be certain that this is what other people believe? They may disagree with you.

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If you are correct about what people are thinking about you when you speak, you have a much better chance of coming across confidently. The last thing you need is for someone to form a negative opinion of you while you are unaware. Being self-assured is difficult enough when you look and sound good, let alone when you don’t!

Controlling other people’s perceptions of you is what reconciliation is all about.

The Reality Check Questionnaire results will provide you with a clear picture of how others perceive you. Take some time to compare these results to your own, as well as the results of the ‘What’s My Communication Style’ Questionnaire.

To make the most of your questionnaire results, try opening your mind a little. This should help to explain why different people react differently to you. You’re probably most at ease with people who communicate in a similar manner to you. This is because people who communicate similarly to you act in ways to which you can relate. They do what you do without distracting or frustrating you by coming across in an unfavorable way.

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