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Take this personality quiz to find out which painting are you. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

Mona Lisa (da Vinci)

The Mona Lisa, widely regarded as the most famous painting in the world, has delighted viewers since Leonardo da Vinci painted it in the early 1500s. The painting is named after Lisa del Giocondo, a member of a wealthy Florence family. The Mona Lisa was stolen in 1911 by Vincenzo Peruggia, an Italian patriot who believed the painting should be returned to Italy. Peruggia was apprehended when he attempted to sell the painting to the Uffizi Gallery in Florence after keeping it in his apartment for two years. The Mona Lisa now hangs in the Louvre in Paris, where 6 million people visit each year.

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Starry Night (van Gogh)

Starry Night, Vincent van Gogh’s defining work, depicts the view from his asylum window in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence after he had a breakdown and cut off part of his own ear in 1888. The iconic scene depicts a swirling night sky dotted with stars over a sleeping village.

The stunning creation of the Dutch post-impressionist painter is now on display at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and is one of the most valuable works in their extensive collection. Also, you must try to play this Which Painting Are You quiz.

Which Painting Are You

The Last Supper (da Vinci)

The Last Supper, painted in the 1490s on a refectory wall in the Convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan, is one of the most famous works of art in the world. While the original has suffered from wear and tear over the years, visitors from all over the world still flock to the convent to see the magnificent fresco. The magnificent mural depicts the scene in which Jesus Christ tells the Twelve Apostles, who are seated on either side of him, that one of them will betray him.

Some writers believe that the person seated to Jesus’ left in the painting is Mary Magdalene rather than John the Apostle. This well-known theory is central to Dan Brown’s novel The Da Vinci Code.

The Creation of Adam (Michelangelo)

The Creation of Adam, which is only a small part of the magnificent fresco that covers the Sistine Chapel ceiling, is arguably Michelangelo’s most famous and revered work, alongside the statue of David. The biblical scene depicts God reaching out and stretching to create Adam, the first man.

The Sistine Chapel ceiling, commissioned by Pope Julius II, was painted between 1508 and 1512, with The Creation of Adam taking center stage among the central panels. This stunning work has been replicated and reproduced numerous times since then, and it is just one of the Renaissance man’s many masterpieces.

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Guernica (Picasso)

Guernica, one of Pablo Picasso’s most admired and celebrated works, depicts the tragic story of the bombing of the Basque town of the same name. The famous Cubist highlights the destruction wrought on the town by Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy through a series of black, white, and grey shapes and figures.

Guernica, completed in 1937, is widely regarded as one of the greatest and most powerful anti-war works of all time. Picasso’s masterpiece is now on display at the Museo Reina Sofia in Madrid, and a replica tapestry of his famous work hangs at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

Girl with a Pearl Earring (Vermeer)

Despite being frequently compared to the Mona Lisa, Johannes Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring is a tronie, not a portrait. The captivating artwork, thought to have been painted around 1665 by the Dutch master, depicts an imagined rather than real girl wearing a blue turban and a large glimmering pearl earring.

Tracy Chevalier created a historical novel based on the circumstances surrounding the painting’s creation. The novel was adapted into a film in 2003, starring Scarlett Johansson as Johannes Vermeer’s assistant, who wore the pearl earring. The Girl with a Pearl Earring, which stands out brilliantly against the dark background, now illuminates the Mauritshuis gallery in The Hague.

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