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One night, after a fruitless sales trip, Willy Loman arrives home in Brooklyn to the sound of a flute melody. To avoid having to fly, his wife Linda implores him to ask Howard Wagner, his employer, to allow him to work in New York. Willy promises to speak with Howard the following day. Willy bemoans the fact that Biff, his older son who has returned home for a visit, hasn’t established himself. Willy leaves the room for the kitchen to have a snack when Linda reprimands him for being so negative.

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Biff and his younger brother, Happy, who is also in the house, reflect about their youth and chat about their father’s babbling, which frequently includes criticism of Biff for not living up to Willy’s standards. Willy loses himself in a daydream as Biff and Happy think of purchasing a ranch in the West since they are unhappy with their lifestyles. He compliments his younger sons who are washing his automobile. Young Happy and high school football standout Biff both make an appearance. This Death Of A Salesman quiz will help you remember certain details.

Death Of A Salesman quiz

Their father, who has recently returned from a work trip, engages them in friendly conversation. Willy confides in Biff and Happy that he plans to create his own company one day that will be larger than Charley, his next-door neighbor’s. Bernard, the son of Charley, walks in seeking Biff, who has to study for math class to pass. Willy explains to his sons that despite Bernard being intelligent, he is not “much loved,” which will harm him over time. Also, you must try to play this Death Of A Salesman quiz.


Willy Loman

A self-deluded, insecure traveling salesman. Willy fervently believes in the American Dream of effortless money and success, but he never materializes it. His hopes that his sons would succeed where he had fallen short were also unmet by them. Willy’s mental stability starts to deteriorate as soon as his illusions start to crumble in the face of his urgent personal problems. The central conflict of Death of a Salesman is created by the enormous tensions brought on by this discrepancy as well as those brought on by the societal imperatives that drive Willy.

Biff Loman

The older son of Willy, who is 34 years old. Biff had an idyllic high school football career, with scholarship opportunities, dependable male buddies, and adoring female fans. He did not have enough credits to graduate, though, and he failed math. Since then, he has been sacked from every position he has held due to his kleptomania. Willy’s vulnerable, poetic, and tragic side is embodied by Biff. He cannot resist the urge to leave Willy’s crippling fantasies behind and move to the West to engage in manual labor. In the end, he is unable to make peace between his life and Willy’s expectations of him.

Linda Loman

Loyal and devoted wife of Willy. Willy’s lofty aspirations and fantasies cause Linda pain. She occasionally appears to be duped by Willy’s naive dreams of future grandeur and fortune, but other times, she comes out as much more practical and tougher than her husband. Through all of Willy’s mistaken attempts at success, she has taken care of the family, and her emotional fortitude and persistence have helped Willy until his breakdown.

Happy Loman

Son of Willy, who is younger and is 32 years old. Happy has always been under Biff’s shadow, but he makes up for it by fostering his intense sex drive and career aspirations. Happy is a metaphor for Willy’s ego, ambition, and obedient conformity to social norms. Happy portrays himself as being of the utmost importance, despite the fact that he assists an assistant buyer in a department shop. He also has poor corporate ethics and has affairs with his superiors’ girlfriends.

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death of a salesman quiz
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