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A young American named Winterbourne meets Daisy Miller, a wealthy and attractive American woman who is touring Europe with her mother and her younger brother, Randolph, at a hotel in the Swiss resort town of Vevey. Winterbourne, who has spent the majority of his life in Geneva, is both intrigued and perplexed by Daisy because she is less prim and proper than the European girls he has met. She comes off as beautifully unplanned, if a touch “uncultivated” and crude. Winterbourne spends time with Daisy at Vevey and even accompanies her unaccompanied to Chillon Castle, a well-known nearby tourist destination, despite the fact that Mrs. Costello, his aunt, vehemently disapproves of the Millers and bluntly declines to be introduced to Daisy.

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Winterbourne, who knows Daisy will be in Rome the following winter, is upset to discover from his aunt that she has started dating a number of well-known fortune seekers and has become the talk of the town. A attractive Italian man named Mr. Giovanelli, of unknown origin, is one of her particular suitors. His behavior with Daisy mystifies Winterbourne and scandalizes the American community in Rome. Mrs. Walker, a prominent member of Rome’s sophisticated society, is one of those outraged. Also, you must try to play this Daisy Miller quiz.

Daisy Miller quiz

Daisy is warned by Mrs. Walker and Winterbourne about the impact her actions are having on her reputation, but she won’t heed their advice. Winterbourne starts to question Daisy’s character as she spends more time with Mr. Giovanelli and is unsure of how to interpret her actions. Additionally, he starts to wonder how Daisy and Mr. Giovanelli are related. Daisy occasionally informs him they are engaged and other times she doesn’t. This Daisy Miller quiz will help you remember certain details.


Daisy Miller

A wealthy, attractive American woman and her younger brother are touring Europe. Daisy rejects the outdated standards of propriety imposed by the local expat community in order to experience European high society. She meets and falls in love with an Italian called Giovanelli in Rome, and after spending the night outside with him, she succumbs to malaria. Daisy is the other potential protagonist in the book, along with Winterbourne.


an American teenager who has spent the majority of his life in Geneva. The protagonist of the book and the novel’s major narrative awareness is Winterbourne. Because of her independence and frivolity, Daisy first intrigues him, but he ultimately grows disinterested in her. However, once she passes away, he regrets his abrupt dismissal of her and questions whether he made the right decision.

Randolph Miller

younger brother of Daisy. Randolph is a nine or ten-year-old boy who is boisterous, rude, and difficult to control.

Mrs. Miller

Mother of Daisy and Randolph was hazy, feeble, and ineffective. Mrs. Miller seems to be completely unable to control her children’s behavior since she is so preoccupied with her health. Despite being foolish and ignorant, she turns out to be “a most wise and competent nurse” when Daisy becomes ill.

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