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The Color Purple’s main character and narrator, Celie, is a fourteen-year-old black girl from a rural Georgia community who is underprivileged and illiterate. Alphonso, Celie’s father, begins to beat and rape her, so she begins to write letters to God. Celie had already been pregnant once by Alphonso. Celie gave birth to a girl, who her father likely killed in the woods after stealing her from Celie. The father of Celie’s second child, a boy, likewise steals from her. The mother of Celie develops a fatal illness. Alphonso brings a new wife home, yet he still batters Celie.

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The news that a guy simply known as Mr. _ wants to marry Nettie reaches Celie and her intelligent, attractive younger sister, Nettie. Shug Avery, a seductive lounge singer whose headshot intrigues Celie, is Mr.__’s boyfriend. Instead of allowing Nettie to wed, Alphonso proposes to Mr.__, the “ugly” Celie, as a wife. Mr. eventually accepts the proposal, leading Celie into a challenging and depressing marriage. Nettie flees Alphonso and seeks safety in Celie’s home. Nettie still has feelings for Mr. __, and when he approaches her, she runs away to protect herself. Celie assumes that Nettie is dead after never hearing from her again. The Color Purple quiz will help you remember certain details.

The Color Purple quiz

Kate, the sister of Mr.__, feels bad for Celie and advises her to stand up to Mr. rather than put up with his mistreatment. The son of Mr.__, Harpo, develops feelings for Sofia, a tall, vivacious girl. Celie is not permitted to go see Shug Avery when she performs in a nearby pub when she arrives in town. Sofia marries Harpo while expecting a child. Celie is astounded by Sofia’s tenacity in the face of Harpo and Mr. __’s efforts to treat her as a lower being. Given that Sofia is physically far stronger than Harpo, his attempts to subdue her frequently fail. Also, you must try to play The Color Purple quiz.



the lead character and narrative voice of The Color Purple. Black woman Celie is ignorant, underprivileged, and has a tragic personal background. She endures an abusive husband in addition to a stepfather who rapes her and kidnaps her children. As an adult, Celie meets and develops a close friendship with blues musician Shug Avery, who gradually assists Celie in finding her voice. By the book’s conclusion, Celie is a content, autonomous, and confident woman.


Mr. _’s younger sister, whom he had originally intended to wed. Nettie flees Alphonso for Mr. before returning to Mr. . She meets Samuel and Corrine, a married missionary couple. She travels to Africa to preach alongside them. Nettie adopts Samuel and Corrine’s adoptive children, who she eventually discovers are actually Celie’s own children, whom Celie and Nettie’s stepfather stole and later sold. Nettie also devotes decades to faithfully writing letters to Celie. The scope of the book is widened by Nettie’s experiences in Africa, which bring up topics like imperialism and pan-African movements.

Mr. ___

The long-term abuser of Celie, her husband. During his marriage to Celie, Mr. _, whose first name is Albert, harbors deep longings for Shug and for years stores Nettie’s letters to Celie in his trunk. Mr. makes a profound personal shift, reevaluating his life, and eventually befriends Celie after she finally defies him and accuses him of abusing her.

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