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The story describes the incidents leading up to the death of Santiago Nasar, a young man who is alleged to have stolen Angela Vicario’s virginity. After learning that Angela was not a virgin on her wedding night, her husband Bayardo San Roman takes her back to her home. When asked who stole Angela’s virginity, her twin brothers Pedro and Pablo Vicario learn that it was Santiago Nasar. Once they locate Santiago, the brothers execute him.

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The story is not linear. The narrator introduces the tale by describing Santiago Nasar’s home on the morning of his murder. The chapter reveals that Santiago shared a home with his mother Placida Linero, their cook Victoria Guzman, and Divina Flor, her daughter. Ibrahim Nasar, Santiago’s father, passed away three years prior. Santiago took over the family ranch after his father passed away; the Nasars are well-to-do in their neighborhood. Also, you must try to play this Chronicle Of A Death Foretold quiz.

Chronicle Of A Death Foretold quiz

The Bishop was traveling by boat to the town to bless the union of Angela Vicario and Bayardo San Roman, hence the day of Santiago’s murder was crucial. To witness the boats, a lot of people were making their way to the port. When Santiago Nasar left or arrived at the port, Pedro and Pablo Vicario sat at the neighborhood milk store so they could observe him in order to find and kill him. On the eve of her wedding, Angela Vicario was brought home, the narrator’s sister discovers. This Chronicle Of A Death Foretold quiz will help you remember certain details.


Santiago Nasar

the story’s main character. The day after Angela Vicario’s wedding, he is killed.

Angela Vicario

Bride who was dishonored. After being brought home on her wedding night, she decides to become a seamstress. In her early years, she was incredibly attractive.

Pedro Vicario

the more responsible twin of the two. The murder of Santiago Nasar was his idea. After being released from prison, he rejoins the army again, where he previously served.

Pablo Vicario

He is the twin who demands that the other twins carry out the crime. When he is released from prison, he will marry Prudencia Cotes, to whom he is promised.

Bayardo San Roman

who gets married to Angela Vicario. His family is well-off and well-known. He is characterized as having bright eyes and a thin waist when he gets to town.

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chronicle of a death foretold quiz
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