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Painter Elaine Risley visits her birthplace of Toronto for a retrospective exhibition of her work. The narrative switches back and forth in time between Elaine’s present visit home and her past as a result of her return to her hometown. Early in Elaine’s childhood, her family relocates so that her father, an entomologist, can research spruce budworms. Elaine deals with interactions with girls her own age for the first time after they move to Toronto after she turns eight. Being a girl comes with too many norms that Elaine doesn’t comprehend, which makes living in the Toronto suburbs more perplexing to her.

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She nevertheless befriends Carol, Grace, and Cordelia in addition to one other girl. Elaine is bullied by the girls when Cordelia determines that she needs to improve after her ninth birthday. One day, Elaine is told to go recover her hat after Cordelia throws it into a ravine. When the river’s ice cracks, Elaine’s shoes are submerged in icy water. Elaine is stuck on the bank and unable to leave until the Virgin Mary appears to her and allows her to go back to her house. She disregards Cordelia’s teasing when she returns to school and makes new friends. She then erases the bullying from her mind. Also, you must try to play this Cat’s Eye quiz.

Cat’s Eye quiz

Later, Elaine and Cordelia enroll at the same high school, but Cordelia struggles while Elaine succeeds. Elaine does well in school but has a vicious side that she uses against other girls. Elaine completely avoids Cordelia after she tries to chat to her about their elementary school days. The girls lose touch as Cordelia eventually transfers high schools after failing too many classes. After high school, Elaine decides she wants to pursue a career as an artist and enrolls in university while taking night classes at an art college. She eventually starts having relationships with her teacher, Mr. Hrbik, as well as Jon, a male classmate. Elaine is on holiday from her summer work when Cordelia meets up with her that summer. With enthusiasm for her internship with a theater company, Cordelia appears better than she has in a long time. Elaine leaves the visit feeling angry that Cordelia is pursuing her passion while she has no impressive artwork to display for her first year of school. They lose touch as they regress. This Cat’s Eye quiz will help you remember certain details.


Elaine Risley

The book’s main character and narrator is a painter who is visiting her birthplace of Toronto to have a retrospective exhibition of her work. Elaine is cruelly bullied by her friends when she is nine years old, which causes her to become irate, emotionally immature, and wary of other women. Elaine seeks retribution from those who wronged her and seeks to make sense of her history via her work. Elaine starts to feel empathy for other women as she becomes more aware of her background.


Best friend and tormentor in Elaine’s youth. Cordelia takes charge of their games because of her theatrical tendencies, which make her mysterious and alluring to Elaine and her friends. But Cordelia is the misfit in her family, never neat or successful enough. She mimics the treatment Elaine receives at home as a way of expressing her grief. Cordelia is losing her ability to handle the world as she ages. She repeatedly drops out of school, has no luck with men, and eventually makes an attempt on her life.

Stephen Risley

Brilliant physicist and Elaine’s older brother. Stephen frequently wears tattered clothing and seems to assume that he is exempt from social conventions and laws. He also tends to disregard “no trespassing” warnings. However, when hijackers assassinate him when he is traveling to a convention, his carefree indifference for danger is unable to save him.

Mrs. Smeath

Mother of Grace, a devout Christian. She grows impatient when Elaine consistently attends church but never brings her brother or parents. She disagrees with the way Elaine’s family lives and feels that as a result, Elaine deserves to be treated badly by the other girls. Elaine never forgets Mrs. Smeath and paints her in a series of furious portraits.

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