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After the Hunger Games, Katniss and Peeta’s life underwent a significant transformation since they became wealthy. One day after leaving the woods, Katniss returns home to discover President Snow waiting for her. He worries that any further public disobedience by Katniss of the Capitol, similar to their suicide threat at the conclusion of the Hunger Games, could lead to a rebellion in the districts. They will harm Gale, Katniss’s oldest friend, if she doesn’t keep acting like she loves Peeta. When Katniss tells Haymitch what happened, she comes to the realization that she will never be able to quit acting; she will have to wed Peeta.

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Since Peeta learned that Katniss was merely pretending to be in love with him during the Games, their relationship has been uneasy. But when they set out on their Victory Tour of the districts, they decide to remain friends. They go to District 11 initially. It was the neighborhood of Rue, the friend of Katniss who ultimately perished in the Games. Everyone in the crowd displays a show of respect used in District 12, where Katniss comes from, as an elderly man in the crowd whistles out a signal that she and Rue used. Also, you must try to play this Catching Fire quiz.

Catching Fire quiz

Katniss witnesses the execution of the elderly man by a group of Peacekeepers before being hurried away. Katniss detects an undertone of repressed hatred in neighboring districts that signals residents are prepared to revolt. Peeta and Katniss arrange for Peeta to make his proposal to Katniss during a television appearance at the end of the tour in an effort to win over the Capitol. President Snow tells Katniss that although they succeed, it is not enough. Later on, Katniss meets Plutarch Heavensbee, the new Head Gamemaker, at a feast at President Snow’s house. When he rubs the face of his watch, a mockingjay resembling the one on her lapel pin materializes and then rapidly dissipates as he displays her. When she gets home, she finds out that District 8 has been the scene of an insurrection. This Catching Fire quiz will help you remember certain details.


Katniss Everdeen

the novel’s tenacious and wise heroine. She triumphed in the last Hunger Games thanks to her survival abilities and cunning, and since then, she’s become a stand-in for resistance against the Capitol.

Peeta Mellark

Winner of the previous Hunger Games alongside Katniss. He is sensitive, artistic, and kind. He cares deeply for Katniss and goes above and beyond to protect her, even if Katniss is unsure of how she feels for him.

Haymitch Abernathy

The tutor of Katniss and Peeta in the first Hunger Games and in this book, as well as a former Hunger Games victor. Despite being an alcoholic, he is very cunning and frequently seems to know more than he lets on.


friend and stylist to Katniss. He is a gifted costume maker who employs his abilities to create provocative and meaningful outfits for Katniss.

Effie Trinket

the tributes to District 12’s manager. She is extremely organized and sensitive to slights, but she is also not quite aware of how terrible the Capitol and the Hunger Games are.

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15 multiple-choice questions in the free Catching Fire quiz below will help you gauge your knowledge of the book. Determine which chapters, ideas, and writing techniques you already understand, as well as what you still need to learn in preparation for your forthcoming essay, midterm, or final test. Now take the free test!

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catching fire quiz
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