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The plebeians, or common people, of ancient Rome seek the right to establish their own prices for the city’s grain supply in the wake of a famine. The haughty aristocratic soldier Caius Martius, who has nothing but scorn for the lower classes, is outraged by the governing aristocracy’s decision to offer the plebeians five tribunes in response to their protests. At this point, Martius’ principal competitor, Tullus Aufidius, leads a nearby Italian tribe known as the Volscians into war. Due to Martius’ valor, Rome succeeds in capturing the Italian city of Corioles during the subsequent fight against the Volscians. He receives the name Coriolanus in honor of his heroic actions.

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Coriolanus receives a hero’s welcome upon his return to Rome, and the Senate offers to appoint him as consul. He unwillingly agrees to the chore of canvassing the plebeians for votes in order to win this position, though. The common people initially agree to support him, but they later change their minds under the influence of two cunning tribunes named Brutus and Sicinius who view Coriolanus as an enemy of the people. The arrogant Coriolanus becomes enraged by this and speaks out impolitely against the fundamental concept of popular rule. Brutus and Sicinius seize upon his words and accuse him of betraying the Roman state, sending him into exile. This Coriolanus quiz will help you remember certain details.

Coriolanus quiz

Coriolanus visits Aufidius, a Volscian opponent, in the city of Antium and makes peace with him in order to exact revenge on Rome. Aufidius welcomes Coriolanus’ support as he prepares a new offensive against the Romans, but he quickly feels himself slipping into his new ally’s shadow. Also, you must try to play this Coriolanus quiz.


Caius Martius

After leading the Roman legions to victory over the Volscian city of Corioles, the Roman leader is given the name “Coriolanus.” He is brave, fearsome in battle, and incredibly noble, yet he is also excessively arrogant, immature, rigid, and aristocratically stubborn. He was exiled from his home city as a result of these flaws and his ferocious disdain for Rome’s lower classes.


Coriolanus’ mother and a Roman noblewoman. She has nurtured her son to be a warrior and is loyal to him. He frequently submits to her iron will and enjoys hearing about his military triumphs.


a companion and fellow Roman patrician of Coriolanus. He has a reputation for having a sharp tongue and a fantastic sense of humor, which he skillfully employs to stay out of trouble.


one of the tribunes chosen to represent the common people, or plebeians, of Rome in the government. Being a skilled politician, he attempts to prevent Coriolanus from assuming power because he sees Coriolanus as a serious threat to the class he represents and the Roman state.

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