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Take this Austin And Ally Quiz to find out which character you are. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

After four seasons, 87 episodes, and potentially limitless career changes for Trish, the Disney Channel’s Austin & Ally series finale aired Sunday, giving fans a glimpse into the characters’ futures.

The first half of the finale was all about saying goodbye, with Austin preparing to embark on a world tour that would take him far away from Ally. The couple attempted to cram a year’s worth of vacations into the time they had left together, but it all devolved into chaos once Dez got involved, in typical Austin & Ally fashion.

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And don’t even pretend you weren’t moved to tears by Trish’s rendition of “You’ve Got a Friend.”

Years later, Austin and Ally were no longer speaking to each other after an amicable break-up — you know, scheduling issues — but a surprise reunion on The Helen Show made everything better. Reuniting with Austin even helped Ally regain her stage confidence, as she joined him for a romantic duet of “Two in a Million.”

Austin And Ally Quiz

Then there was the second time jump, which revealed some shocking twists: For starters, Austin and Ally married (with children! ), Dez married Carrie, and Trish married… wait for it… Mr. Chuck McCoy! (I know what you’re thinking.) Also, you must try to play this Austin And Ally Quiz.

“I think the fans are going to be happy,” star Laura Marano says of Austin, Ally, Trish, and Dez’s individual conclusions. “I’m really pleased with how it turned out.” It couldn’t have come to a more satisfying conclusion.”

And Marano knows a thing or two about dramatic endings. In fact, one season finale continues to haunt her:

“I was really mad that Austin wasn’t singing anymore when we finished our third season and didn’t know if we were going to have a fourth season,” she admits. “I was like, ‘We can’t end the show like this!'” No!’”

Fortunately, they were renewed for a fourth season, allowing fans to see the titular couple’s ultimate — and, as Marano puts it, “complete” — ending.

“I think everyone likes opposites, and it’s been clear since the pilot that Austin and Ally are so different,” she continues. “No one, including the producers, expected Austin and Ally to get together so quickly.” I never imagined it would happen in the second season, but when the script arrived, Ross [Lynch] and I were like, ‘Well, this is happening.'”

Ally and Trish enter the music factory and notice the boys reading books. Books. Because of the books, Austin can now say “Where Are The Pancakes?” in 15 different languages. Are we correct about our priorities?

About the quiz

While talking about Austin’s world tour, we notice that Trish is the one who is staying in Miami to run the music factory and is making it her top priority. Trish is also transforming the practice room into her own personal office, complete with a hot tub. Ally will be attending Harvard, while Dez will be attending film school in Los Angeles.

Because they’ll be apart for more holidays than they’ll be together, Austin and Ally decide to make the most of their time together before they both leave.

Trish will be auditioning for the Spike Stevens musical that Dez has arranged for her while Austin and Ally are doing that. She admits that if she gets the part, it will be difficult to juggle both of them, but she believes it is a long shot.

Later, Austin shows up at the restaurant with a cute bunny and wishes Ally a “Happy Easterversary,” combining their anniversary and Easter into one. In addition, he has hidden a gift for her in an Easter Egg somewhere in the restaurant. They’re about to share a sweet kiss when Dez shows up and interrupts their date, mistaking it for a group outing. It isn’t, Dez. Sorry. That is also NOT your gift. Give Ally her beautiful “A” necklace.

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