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Here’s a startling statistic: the average person will work for at least 90,000 hours during their career — and even more if they don’t retire at the age of 65. Given how much of our time we spend working, one would hope that we could make the overall experience fulfilling, if not enjoyable.

Several years ago, I set out on a quest to learn how to create peak work experiences while also establishing a career that provides the kind of success and impact that is important to me. In doing so, I researched performance psychology and neuroscience.

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I’ve discovered that many people describe moments of being “in the zone,” or “inflow,” as psychologist Mihály Cskszentmihályi puts it. In these situations, you are completely immersed in your work and have a strong sense of confidence in the skills you are employing. You’re having fun with the process and have a high level of mastery over the tasks you’re completing. Work is fun, exhilarating, and meaningful when you’re in the zone.

However, for many people, especially those who are dissatisfied with their jobs, this concept can be elusive. So my work has been focused on developing a methodology and framework to assist people in harnessing the power they have to discover and experience their peak work situations as frequently as possible. Also, you must try to play this Zone Of Genius Quiz.

Zone Of Genius Quiz

This framework is referred to as your “Zone of Genius.” Your Zone of Genius is made up of two key pieces of information: your genius and your purpose. Your genius is the best way you think or solve problems; it’s what allows you to be challenged in the best way possible. Your purpose is the impact — on the world or on others — that means the most to you.

I can almost guarantee that if you know your genius and your purpose and commit to incorporating them into your career, you will find your work more engaging and fulfilling.

Are you ready to begin? These steps will assist you in discovering your Zone of Genius and beginning to operate within it right away.

First, try to figure out who you are. Consider three recent instances when you were “in the zone” or exhilarated by your thinking. Write down everything that was going through your mind. Then, within these three examples, look for patterns. What was your usual way of thinking or problem-solving? See if you can give it a name.

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When it comes to determining your purpose, you’ll have to dig deep. Your purpose is usually linked to a core emotional experience. This requires you to reflect on your life and the various challenges you’ve faced. We all have a lot of them, but there’s always one that stands out. If you’re having trouble identifying it, start noticing the times when you’re completely fulfilled by the impact you’re having on another person. What is the nature of that impact?

For example, if you notice that you always help others in need, and you’re known for how quickly you rush to someone’s aid, it’s possible that you were never rescued or helped when you needed it the most as a child. As a result, your goal could be to assist those in need. The beauty of this is that you’re already doing it, and it’s a quick way to get more fulfillment in your life (by noticing that you’re already doing it and looking for ways to do it more frequently).

We move so quickly through our days that we don’t even notice when we’re making a difference that matters to us. Give a name to this way of serving others that appeals to you. In the preceding example, that could be “proactively assisting people in need.”

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