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Take this The Challenge Tv Show quiz to find out. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

Who wins after a season of daily challenges, eliminations, and so much drama, and how much money do they take home? In the season finale of The Challenge: Spies, Lies, and Allies, it all comes down to one race and one decision.

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Following on from the previous episode, the eight players in the final are divided into two cells: CT, Devin, Tori, and Emy in Purple, and Nelson, Nany, Kaycee, and Kyle in Orange. “You don’t want to be in the last place cell after today,” host TJ Lavin warns them before the next leg begins.

The Challenge Tv Show Quiz

At the first checkpoint in cells, each must work together to unravel a rope and chain-wrapped cage before using a code underwater to open a safe. There is a key inside. This enables them to pick up the chains wrapped around a torpedo at the fifth checkpoint of the final. Each cell is responsible for transporting the torpedo to a puzzle. While Orange arrives at the puzzle first — Devin struggles with the torpedo — CT solves it quickly once Purple arrives. Also, you must try to play this quiz.

Purple gains ground with the sixth checkpoint, which requires them to push a cage containing their overnight supplies to the camp. When Nelson pushes Orange off the road, it falls behind. TJ doesn’t explain his earlier warning until after they spend the night in a cave (fortunately for them, without anyone having to stay awake for an extended period of time, as has happened in other finals): The members of the Orange cell must compete in an elimination, similar to the one seen in the premiere, “Back Me Up.” First and foremost, Kyle defeats Nelson. Then, Nany and Kaycee, who had been discussing how their relationship had evolved and how they were looking forward to crossing the finish line together, compete, and Kaycee wins. It’s the season’s most emotional elimination. Also, you will find out which character are you in this The Challenge Tv Show Quiz.

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The rest of the final is then a pairs competition. Kyle and Kaycee chose their partners — Tori and CT, respectively — as elimination winners, leaving Devin and Emy to collaborate. The final leg is a race to the top of a mountain, where they must memorize a 20-digit code in order to open a safe at the bottom. A $1 million black diamond is hidden inside the safe, and the first pair to retrieve it wins. However, as TJ explains before they begin, “the winners of that $1 million will have to decide how much of that money do you really want to share with the second and third place?” It’s entirely up to you.” (They must complete the final in order to be eligible for any money.)

Kyle then clearly flashes back to Johnny Bananas and Sarah (Rivals III) and Ashley and Hunter (Final Reckoning), saying, “I don’t want to trust other people to give me money.” I need to make certain that I take money home with me. Because, if history has taught us anything, people usually steal money.”

CT and Kaycee take first place, followed by Tori and Kyle in second and Devin and Emy in third. But will CT and Kaycee help the others? Yes, each team will receive $100,000. “That is the most classy thing I’ve seen in a minute,” TJ says. “You guys are amazing on every level.” “We all got here together,” Kaycee says.

And given that this makes CT a five-time champion with back-to-back victories, it’s no surprise that he says, “every time at the end of a Challenge, I’m done.” After a few months, I get that call from TJ and begin to miss it. I can’t help myself. “I adore it.”

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