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Take this AOT Boyfriend Quiz to find out which one is yours. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

There is no denying that Levi is by far the hottest character, and no one comes close. He has a huge fan base, and the girls are crazy about him.

Since his debut, his edgy personality and fighting prowess have made an impression on viewers, leading to his meteoric rise in popularity. His dedication to his goal and his intense appearance are just a few of the many amazing qualities that he possesses.

When we hear Armin’s name, we immediately think of the word intelligent. Unlike everyone else in AoT, Armin made his way through the series with his strategic brain, making everyone rely on him to come up with plans.

What he lacked in fighting ability, he made up for with intelligence. He was already attractive to begin with, and the image of him being pinned down by Eren quickly went viral among his fans.

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The protagonist of this series kicks off the top three of this list. Eren was an intriguing character who underwent a complete transformation after the time jump.

With a sad pair of eyes, he became gloomy. Regardless, he became hotter as a result of his casual dress sense and muscular body.

Furthermore, his dark personality after the time jump was a big draw for many female fans. Despite this, Eren never stopped caring for his countrymen, which somewhat mitigates his destructive actions. Also, you must try to play this AOT Boyfriend Quiz.

AOT Boyfriend Quiz

The gallant commander of the Survey Corps is ranked fourth on this list. Erwin quickly became a fan favorite due to his keen sense of justice and courageous nature. He already had devilishly attractive features, such as a strong build and gleaming blonde hair.

He was one of those AoT characters who never gave up and was an excellent leader in commanding the Survey Corps against the tians.

Reiner Reiner, with his muscular body and broad shoulders, is a frightening character. He had a prominent jawline, sharp eyes, and blonde hair, which made him irresistible to female fans.

He also grew a goatee, which earned him extra points on this list. Despite his difficult childhood and frightening appearance, he was a gentle soul with a caring personality.

Jean Jean quickly won our hearts after falling head over heels for Mikasa. He was so cute when he tried to impress her and catch her attention on multiple occasions. As a result, he was constantly envious of Eren and came across as a tough guy in the early episodes of the series.

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But he matured as a character, demonstrating that he cared deeply for his comrades and would go to any length to protect them. He was also quite tall and had a slim build.

Zeke Zeke was Grisha Yeager’s son and Eren’s stepbrother. Zeke was the personification of brains and brawns, and despite being a major antagonist in the series, he was able to cement his place among female fans.

Despite serving as one of Marley’s Warriors, he lived by his own ideals and successfully carried them out under their noses. He was a very knowledgeable individual who could also beat up on strong opponents, as he did against Levi.

Connie was a major supporting character in Attack on Titan who was always seen accompanying Jean. He was the shortest of his friends and had the sweetest personality. He was a jovial character who made an excellent trio with Sasha and Jean.

He had a round face, a shaved head, and wore a simple outfit. He was easily overshadowed by the other characters, but he went on to play a significant role in the series.

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