Are You A Greek Or Roman Demigod?


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I occasionally consider the worst-case scenario, in which the Greeks and Romans actually clash on Half-Blood Hill.

Throughout the series, the legion is portrayed as an unstoppable force that would cause the Greek demigods to stumble and be crushed since they were outmatched in every manner – sheer numbers, skills, and tactics – but I genuinely believe the Greeks would triumph, hear me out.

The Greeks dwelling in a camp surrounded by a forest filled with creatures to battle and train against. They are under continual danger.

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Because all Greeks are first-generation demigods, they are more likely to be in touch with their divine ancestors. (There isn’t much evidence of this, but if Octavian is the Roman Augur and he’s a distant descendant, I’m inclined to believe that not many of them have much authority over their parents’ domain/sphere of influence.) Also, you must try to play this Are You A Greek Or Roman Demigod quiz.

Are You A Greek Or Roman Demigod?

The Greeks defended Olympus alone, against legions of monsters, titans, and turned gods and goddesses. Since then, the survivors have been training alongside the newest campers, teaching them how to survive.

When Percy first arrived at Camp Jupiter and participated in the legion’s war games, none of the Roman defenders could defend or stop Percy’s fighting technique, which is VERY Greek. (I know he got the assistance of a small cyclone, but it was mostly to keep projectiles away from him.) The Romans use numerals, but the Greeks use their environment.

The Greeks are most powerful on Half-Blood Hill. In other words, a home-field advantage. Almost every Greek demigod makes it to Thalia’s Tree despite being pursued by a monster.

The Greeks have always been more sensitive to other organisms in their environment. They’ve made new acquaintances, both beast and human. Percy can summon the Cyclopes in Poseidon’s Forge (because, let’s be honest, if you hurt Percy’s home, Tyson will kill you dead), Grover can summon all the nature spirits within a 5 mile radius as a Lord of the Wild, Chiron could theoretically summon the Party Ponies – which would really terrify the Romans as centaurs are seen as evil beings to them (also noted by Percy that evil centaurs

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But Matt… What about the Romans’ Eagles, Elephants, and Amazons? Listen. The eagles are excellent in scouting and recovering, but they are also simple targets for the Apollo cabin to fire out of the sky. The Amazons have no vested interest in the squabble; it is improbable that they would come to the help of a conquering force: the Amazons have always been renowned as defenders Of their own homelands, coming to rescue Troy – they always get something out of it. And, I’m sorry, but Hannibal would barely make it up Half-Blood Hill before being ripped apart by Peleus.

It’s not the first time the Greeks have been attacked at CHB. They will have a slew of defenses ready to go. Many, even they, had forgotten we were there. Monsters could break through the magical barrier shielding camp when Thalia’s Tree was erected, demonstrating how swiftly the Greeks could respond to an attack and how lethal they could be even in pajamas and partially armored up. Not to mention how quickly they were able to create a countermeasure at Zeus’ Fist for the Battle of the Labyrinth.

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