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Take this Am I A Witch Quiz to find out. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

Is the suspect female?

Women, as we all know, are morally weaker than men and thus more susceptible to sinful temptations. Because of their natural desire for ease of living and fine things, the Devil can easily entice them to sign their names to his book. She may be illiterate, but she can still leave her mark in the book with her blood. Consider what happened to Adam when he failed to provide his wife with adequate moral guidance and fortitude.

Is she the owner of a pet?

The Devil will send her a small spirit familiar to look after her after she has signed away her soul. This creature can shape-shift and be summoned to do her bidding, and she may be able to take on its form as well. She’ll try to persuade you that only black cats are suspicious, but she’ll betray you. “Oh, this yellow bird?” she says, but don’t believe her. That’s only my canary.” Small snakes, birds, cats, rats, dogs, and griffins should be avoided.

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Is she afflicted with a wart?

Her spirit familiar needs to nurse on her body, so she has a special diabolical teat hidden somewhere on her person for that purpose. Examine everything carefully. It could be between her fingers or somewhere more private. If necessary, you may require the assistance of a panel of expert women to assist you in your search. (Sometimes, men don’t know how to find things in their intimate areas and require assistance.)

Is she bothersome?

She’s always asking for something, or showing up when she’s not wanted, or making a scene. Some people just can’t seem to get a hint, don’t they? They come by, begging for scraps of food because they’re hungry, with no regard for how difficult other people’s lives are.

Am I A Witch Quiz

Is she strange around your children?

Perhaps she lacks any of her own. Or perhaps hers all died. Who can say? She is, however, prone to paying too much attention to your children. Maybe she wants to entice them to come live with her by giving them plums. Perhaps she insists on helping them when they are sick and comes by even when you don’t want her to. #4 is a good example. Also, you must try to play this Am I A Witch Quiz.

Is she in her forties?

Women in their forties are no longer young enough to be beautiful, but they are also not old enough to be venerable. They are in their prime years of being tempted into witchery. She’s between the ages of 40 and 60, so she should be a pillar of the community, the head of her own family, involved in church, and involved in supporting her husband’s work. You should be suspicious if she is alone or has not been elected to full church membership.

Is she enraged?

Is she easily enraged? Has she ever attacked a cop for no apparent reason? Has she ever screamed at people and referred to them as whoremasterly rogues? Have you ever seen her use her elbow to hunch someone of stature? Inappropriate rage is a clear warning sign. Women should be able to maintain their composure under any circumstances.

Is she no longer attending church?

She could try to make an excuse, such as being dressed in rags. Perhaps she’s too preoccupied with romancing her former indentured servant. In any case, she’s supposed to be at church for the entire eight hours, along with everyone else. If she isn’t, it could be due to exhaustion from attending witches’ sabbaths and drinking red wine in the rye field behind the minister’s house. But you shouldn’t waste any more time and start this Am I A Witch Quiz.

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Has she ever threatened you and then it came true?

Remember when she came over to borrow some butter and you turned her away? Isn’t she annoying, always asking for things? Anyway. So remember how she was muttering under her breath as she walked away, and she said you’d regret not giving her any butter? Remember how the butter wouldn’t come later that evening? Yeah. That is what happened. Just a thought.

Have you ever seen her ghost in your home at night?

To be sure, some people believe that the Devil can take on anyone’s appearance, whether they are witches or not. So, in theory, the shape you saw come in through the window could have been the Devil impersonating her. Possible. However, this is unlikely. I mean, would God really allow the Devil to take on the form of an innocent? Would He really do that? No, I didn’t think so.

Has she admitted anything?

So you may have had to ask her several times. Maybe you did ask her to show you that she wasn’t a witch. And perhaps a quick beating was necessary to help her remember her guilt. It’s a big deal. She’s admitted! And nothing beats the word of a confessed witch for locating other witches. She can now tell you who her associates are. You can now find them all.

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