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Take this WWII In Color: Road To Victory Quiz to find out which character you are. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

World War II in Color: Road to Victory, a ten-part documentary series that devoted 50-minute episodes to significant turning points in the war, is currently trending on Netflix. Aside from historians’ and other experts’ judgments and descriptions, the selling point here is a colorization process that adds flair and nuance to the archive bulk of Road to Victory.

“May 10, 1940,” says the first shot. “This is Britain’s darkest hour.” The majestic vista of the Palace of Westminster is given an ominous appearance by bundled concertina wire, and the narrator tells us of the Allied military disaster in Norway that deposed Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain and elevated Winston Churchill to the position.

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The gist: Shortly after Churchill became Prime Minister, German forces invaded Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands, preparing for an attack on France. In response, the British Expeditionary Force remained encamped on the Franco-Belgian border, alongside the French Army. However, as explained in The Road to Victory, a waiting game developed as Adolf Hitler disagreed with his generals regarding a specific military plan of attack. The wait ended when the Blitzkrieg smashed through the Ardennes Forest, a “lighting war” fought with fast-moving armored troops and mechanized infantry supported by close air support, and the French government was in disarray within five days. The BEF retreated to the coast as the German Army surrounded them.

WWII In Color: Road To Victory Quiz

Dunkirk is only 40 miles from English soil across the Channel. However, for the hundreds of thousands of soldiers assembled there with no way out, safety may have been a planet away. Attempts to halt the German advance at Arras and Calais had failed, and what remained of the BEF was thrown onto the shore, placed in strewn lines and praying for rescue. Also, you must try to play this WWII In Color: Road To Victory Quiz.

Meanwhile, back at home, Churchill was begging the French leadership to stay in the battle while resisting attempts inside his own administration to negotiate with the Nazis. (Joseph Kennedy, America’s ambassador to England and John F. Kennedy’s father, also played a role in these attempts.) The bulldog Churchill saw Hitler as an all-consuming antagonist who would subjugate a vanquished Britain to a slave state. But if his force was to fight again, he needed to get his men off that shore. Operation Dynamo began, and Dunkirk became the greatest coastal evacuation in history – nearly impossible, dangerous, but completely necessary, and in the face of imminent death or capture.

About the quiz

WWII in Color: Road to Victory appears to be based on the 2009 documentary series World War II in Color, which aired on the Discovery-affiliated Military Channel and is still accessible on Netflix. Victory substitutes English actor Derek Jacobi’s narration with voiceover artist Trish Bertram, but it’s equally bolstered with insight from historians, novelists, and other era experts. Following “Dunkirk,” nine episodes chronicle the pivotal events of WWII, from the Battle of the Atlantic and the Allied invasion of North Africa to the Liberation of Paris, the June 1944 Battle of the Philippine Sea, Iwo Jima, and the last sprint to Berlin.

What shows will it make you think of? Ken Burns’ 2007 PBS documentary The War used the director’s signature method to explore the subject of America’s engagement in World War II. However, the United States was not yet a part of it in 1940, which gives this first episode of Road to Victory added relevance as the evacuation at Dunkirk becomes a rallying cry for what would become the Allied coalition. The tale of Dunkirk was presented in-depth in the BAFTA-winning 2004 BBC television documentary series Dunkirk, and Netflix still has the 2019 series The Greatest Events of WWII in Color, which shares restored footage and narrative style with Road to Victory.

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