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Take this Vicky And Her Mystery Quiz to find out which character are you. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

From concealment, a young wolf observes his mom being shot by humans. To preserve his own life, he flees the scene immediately after witnessing the death.

Following the death of her mother, Victoria (Shanna Keil) and her father Stephane (Vincent Elbaz) relocate to a small village in the Alps. This rugged but lovely area is home to a small number of people. Thierry (Eric Elmosnino), Victoria’s uncle, even jokes that “just four people live here.”

Victoria has ceased speaking since the death of her mother. All of her father’s attempts to talk to her are futile, but she does not despise him. The pair try to make the best of their bad condition, and a cheerful Thierry provides some respite in their lonely environment.

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Stephane invites Victoria to go for a walk the next day. Though she doesn’t say anything, she comes up to him with her shoes in her hand, signaling her willingness to go along with him. They travel for a long time just to become disoriented. Fortunately, they come across a house on their way home. Also, you must try to play this Vicky And Her Mystery Quiz.

Vicky And Her Mystery Quiz

An elderly man (Tchéky Karyo) owns this house in the midst of nowhere. He presents Victoria to a puppy, which he refers to as “the gift of the jungle,” and informs her that it needs a home. Victoria eventually speaks up at this point, and she inquires about the puppy’s name. The mystery is the name.

Victoria sneaks the puppy into her suitcase and conceals it in her room. She hasn’t spoken to her father in a long time when she goes to school the next day. The dude is ecstatic. He meets Anna (Marie Gillain), a fellow parent, here. This interaction has a negative impact on their friendship.

Despite the little girl’s efforts to conceal Mystery in her room, Stephan discovers it. After witnessing Victoria’s transformation into a brighter child as a result of her meeting Mystery, he accepts to adopt her after some persuasion.

The three-person family enjoys spending time together exploring the forest. With the new member joining them, some of the emptiness in both the father’s and daughter’s hearts is filled.

The mystery has grown in importance. He has a large paw, long sharp ears, and is quite large for a young dog. Mystery follows Victoria to her classroom one day. When Anna asks which breed Mystery belongs to, Stephan says he doesn’t know. Thierry believes it is a husky.

On the drive home from dropping Victoria off at school that day, the roads are blocked due to wolf-capture rallies, since the wolves have terrorized farmers and their cattle. A few days later, Anna confesses to Stephan her concern that Mystery might not be a dog but a wolf.

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While playing, the family encounters a wolf, which leads Stephan to believe that Mystery is a wolf and decides to have it tested. The results of the tests suggest that Mystery is, in fact, a wolf. Anna grants them that evening to spend with Mystery and then requests that he send Mystery to the reservation the next day.

Stephan resolves to keep Mystery hidden and refuses to give him up. The farmers travel to Stephan’s and Victoria’s residences the next day, while everyone is at school for the Halloween celebration, only to find the wolf. They must now relinquish Mystery.

In the midst of all the commotion around wolf hunting and how dangerous wolves are, Mystery returns to see Victoria and Stephan.

This is Mystery’s second visit to his family since escaping from the reserve. Victoria pursues him about in the snow for quite some time before collapsing from hypothermia.

Fortunately, her father locates her just in time before things go horribly wrong.

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