Which Troye Sivan Song Are You?

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Take this Which Troye Sivan Song Are You quiz to find out. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

The audience on “The Tonight Show” had not been prepared for Troye Sivan. Jimmy Buffett, bluffing and chortling, was on hand to promote his feel-good jukebox musical. Mr. Buffett charmed the studio audience even before accepting a guitar and leading them through “Margaritaville,” which everyone knew, chorus and verse, like a soused catechism.

Mr. Sivan then arrived, cutting through the margarita mistiness: a long-limbed elf with a wick of bleach-blonde hair and the doe eyes like a Snapchat filter. Mr. Sivan danced through “My My My!,” a thundering club anthem of unmistakably sexual exuberance, in a belted-and-buckled blazer that gaped open at the breast and wrapped around the waist, an ensemble Grace Jones may have worn and adored. Mr. Sivan stalked the stage like a wobbly supermodel, his nipples popping out as he danced. Margaritaville was quickly fading in the rearview mirror.

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Hip-swinging pretty males in eye makeup aren’t a new phenomenon; they’ve been singing on television since Elvis on Ed Sullivan. Mr. Sivan, on the other hand, is a modern creature: a self-assured, on-his-own-terms heartthrob, gay and unconcerned, with the commercial polish of a Disney star and the magnetism of a boy prince. Also, you must try to play this Which Troye Sivan Song Are You quiz.

Which Troye Sivan Song Are You?

He has been famous for more than a decade at the age of 22, although in far-flung corners of the globe and on the internet. He sang his way into YouTubing, YouTubed his way into acting, grew up on a webcam (he came out on vlog at 18), and is now working hard to convert himself into a feisty pop superstar as he prepares to release his second album. Mr. Sivan is gaining momentum with each TV appearance and video release, his individuality worn proudly but simply. America, are you prepared? Troye Sivan is his name! He’s here, he’s queer, and he’s used to being different.

“YOU HAVE THOSE MOMENTS WHERE YOU KIND OF PINCH YOURSELF,” Mr. Sivan said the next night as he sipped a drink at Julius, New York’s oldest homosexual club. He’d reached another milestone two months before a performance on “Saturday Night Live.” “My hands were a little sweaty. “My mouth was a touch dry,” he said. “I welcomed such feelings for the first time ever.”

Mr. Sivan’s appearance on “Saturday Night Live” signifies a new frontier for him, as does the audience he hopes to win over with his impending second album, “Bloom.”

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“We’ve been following Troye from the start,” said Brian Siedlecki, the show’s producer who manages musical bookings, “seeing his progress through his early career and understanding this guy has the goods.” When “S.N.L.” contacted him, his second album’s release date had not yet been established. “We decided to get him early so we wouldn’t miss him this time.”

Mr. Sivan already has a massive fan base thanks to his years of broadcasting directly into the homes and IDs of Generation Z on his YouTube channel and, as of last month, his own app. In 2015, his debut album, “Blue Neighbourhood,” generated a platinum hit, “Youth,” a kind of offer from a user-accessible digital age star: “My youth, my youth is yours.”

But “S.N.L.” is more than just youth. “It’s life, and all these parents and individuals who aren’t in my demographic are watching,” he explained. It’s really terrifying.”

Mr. Sivan has the die-hard fans who, judging by the comments left on each of his Instagram posts, regard him as “God” and “Dad” and whose greatness leaves them de-wigged to reassure him, in addition to the healthy push of Capitol Records, a major label that also houses Katy Perry, Paul McCartney, and Sam Smith. (In drag lingo, which has been gentrified into homosexual slang, which has been gentrified into everyone’s slang, “Wig” is one-word shorthand for “I am surprised, I am overwhelmed, my wig has been pulled off” — no actual wig required.)

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