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Take this which Vocaloid are you quiz to test which character are you? Answer these quick questions to find out. Play it now!

So, according to this, Gakupo is the butler, Rin and Len are the Dolls, Gumi is the maid, Meiko is the head lady of the home, Kaito is the head of the house, Luka is the daughter, and Miku is the village girl, and subsequently, the starring part. There are no doubts about it, because the dialogue in which she is speaking, particularly in Everlasting Night, sometimes mentions ‘lead role:’ rather than ‘role of villager:’ The novel heavily implies that the mysterious shadow is the butler, or Gakupo, because he vanishes without a trace during the events of the epilogue, leaving a note signed by ‘The mystery butler’ or something along those lines. According to my theory, whoever plays him/her is the one supervising the ‘play,’ as described in the lyrics, or the one in command of it, and so on.

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Okay, now that that’s out of the way, you should have already read the summary/listened to the songs, etc., so that this makes sense. Or read the book as well, but if that confuses you, you’re welcome to continue reading here as well. I’ll be performing the explaining regularly based on what appears in the videos from beginning to conclusion, and then at the end, there will be a massive summary and re-stating many things over and over again so that everything connects neatly. Also, you will find out which Vocaloid are you in this quiz.

Which Vocaloid are you?

It’s amazing how much free time I have when I don’t use my computer for days. I’ve only turned on my computer four times since Christmas, including right now. It’s not like I have much to do on here anyhow, but I’ve been reading all my books on my elder brother’s phone since he upgraded to the newer Nexus, whatever number it is, so I’m very content with that. All that’s left for me to do on my computer is schooling, which I do in batches and don’t mind if I don’t do it every day, and games. And since I’m still playing my little brother’s Plants vs Zombies on my DS (beaten everything, just having fun with it now), I don’t play many computer games anymore. So, yeah, I haven’t been on in a while.

I turned on my computer yesterday with the idea of playing some games. But that didn’t last long due to an issue I’d forgotten about. So I decided to write down some Vocaloid lyrics in a notebook (which comes in handy when I don’t have my computer with me or when someone borrows my computer for a while) and because I didn’t have a specific song in mind to write down, I went with the Synchronicity series, part 3 because I already had the first two written down.

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Now, to help you understand this a little better, I’ll provide a link to the English subbed series on YouTube. We have the first installment, which is available here: Part One Then comes the second portion, which is available here: Part Two, And the third installment, which was just released after a long wait, is now available: The third installment

This is where I try to make sense of the story. Be warned, this is going to be lengthy and perplexing… Oh, and to help you understand the tale a little better, I’ve included a link to the web novel translation, which I believe is an official story and helps with some of the specifics. It’s finally here: Webnovel Begin at the bottom of the post and work your way up. It’s not finished yet, but I’m not sure if it ever will be. Who knows? Part three was released after a two-year hiatus…

So, in the first movie, Looking for you in the Sky, it appears that we begin with a few images of the dragon and Miku. I’m not sure what’s going on there, but Miku is the dragon’s priestess, from what I gather. I believe the dragon became enraged and murdered the Diva there.

The Diva in this myth is usually a female who has chosen to live her life in isolation beneath the ground in a shrine and sing daily songs, or prayers, to the dragon who benefits the land but does not destroy anything. That’s what I gather from it.

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