Which Spoiled Brats Movie Character Are You?

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Take this Which Spoiled Brats Movie Character Are You quiz to find out. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

Spoiled Brats, also known as Pourris gâtés, is Netflix’s new French release, and while it isn’t as brilliant as the OTT’s previous French comedy Stuck Together, it does a good job of sticking out as a quick and entertaining watch. Gary Alazraki, Patricio Saiz, and Laurent Turner wrote the script, and Alazraki, Laurent Baudens, Guido Rud, and Leonardo Zimbron co-produced it. Artus plays Philippe Bartek, Camille Lou plays Stella, Louka Meliava plays Alexandre, Gérard Jugnot plays Francis, François Morel plays Ferrucio, Joffrey Verbruggen plays Matthias, and Tom Leeb plays Juan Carlos. Spoiled Brats have a running time of about 1 hour 30 minutes.

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Monaco serves as the setting for the film. The plot centers around the Bartek family, which comprises patriarch Francis Bartek and his three pampered children, Philippe, Stella, and Alexandre, who are going wild with their father’s money. The children, who are uptight, lazy, and completely stupid, not only do not accept their father’s decisions but also go against them to show a point. All of this leads Francis to the conclusion that he should give his children a lesson about the joys of life.

Which Spoiled Brats Movie Character Are You?

Francis, with the assistance of Ferrucio, devises a scheme in which he dupes his children into believing that their money has been stolen, leaving them impoverished and in the hands of the law to be taken as prisoners. As the family settles in Marseille after escaping Monaco in an unusually humorous manner, Francis encourages the youngsters to stand on their own two feet in order to earn money. Initially warped by the incident and surroundings, the kids gradually begin to gain a glimpse of ordinary life and the hardships that are placed in their path to earn a living. However, once the scheme is revealed, it is difficult to dissuade the vultures from feasting on Francis’ weakness- his children.

Spoiled Brats teach a vital lesson about dignity and the value of hard work, yet while being a comedy, it fails to make you laugh in most places. The actors are well-versed in their roles and do their best to get the best out of them, but the lack of depth and the rushed nature of the writing leave you feeling unsatisfied by this emotional comedy. The characters are introduced quickly. So much so that it takes a good half of the film to understand Alexandre’s approach and viewpoint on life. The villain is fleeting and stoically unfunny in comedic situations. Also, you must try to play this Which Spoiled Brats Movie Character Are You quiz.

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Camille Lou, Artus, and Gérard Jugnot all had memorable moments. Lou and Jugnot give the story an emotional edge, whilst Artus is simply hilarious, from idiotic business plans to pedaling a tuk-tuk. The element of surprise and anticipation was lost because it is a remake of the 2013 film The Noble Family. However, the scenes in which all of the children and their father interact or argue are by far the greatest in the film.

Francis devises a scheme to return his children to his childhood home. But we know why he’s doing it. A few moments ago, we saw every youngster panicking because their cards had been blocked and everything they owned was being taken away from them. We learn that the police are investigating all members of the Bartek family because they believe they have committed fraud in the name of their company.

They hide in the ancient house because they don’t have any money or food. Francis is doing all of this to show his children the real world and how it works. If they need to eat, he tells them to get a job. Stella gets a job as a waiter at a restaurant due to one of his buddies. Meanwhile, Artus is now driving a tuk-tuk and attempting to make a living. Alexandre, on the other hand, looks for work but is unsuccessful. A man visiting the restaurant speaks brutally to Stella while she is at work, and she bursts into tears in the kitchen. She informs her pal that she is leaving the job because a customer at one of the tables was quite disrespectful to her.

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