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Take this Which Bruised Character Are You quiz to find out. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

“Bruised,” Halle Berry’s directorial debut, is an unfocused inspiring sports story that begins with a blurry point-of-view image of a boxer in terror. It’s an MMA title fight in the brutal octagon. The drama is marked by the ringside announcers’ faint, echoing voices: The fearsome Jackie Justice (Halle Berry) isn’t just outmatched; she’s also on the run, attempting to scale the caged barrier in order to flee the competition. As the camera fades to black, fear snakes around her every ragged breath.

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Six years later, long after the banners have come down and the people have stopped shouting, she works as a babysitter and lives with her brash boyfriend and manager, Desi (Adan Canto). Jackie is a has-been, never-was, and could-have-been rolled into one. She keeps an alcohol spray bottle hidden beneath the kitchen sink. The teenagers in the neighborhood mock her. Nobody knows why Jackie attempted to flee the octagon years ago. Also, you must try to play this Which Bruised Character Are You quiz.

Which Bruised Character Are You?

They only know she hasn’t fought in a long time. She just doesn’t have the desire. Manny (Danny Boyd Jr.), the six-year-old son she gave up for adoption, returns following his father’s tragic death, and she rediscovers her fighting spirit.

Berry’s “Bruised” is a tired comeback story that relies on inner-city imagery from 1990s hood flicks to generate a histrionic, barely comprehensible prestige vehicle with little to say about MMA itself.

“Bruised” begins with a strong jab, reintroducing Jackie to the world of MMA. She tags along Desi to an unofficial underground brawl in order to scout a potential brawler. Initially, Jackie isn’t there to fight. However, when a behemoth opponent provokes the timid Jackie, a newly outraged Jackie—in a spinning combination of blows and canted angles—makes mincemeat of her in the film’s most intense struggle. The confrontation draws Immaculate’s attention to her (Shamier Anderson). He is an independent promoter with conflicting goals who want to compete with the UFC, and he believes Jackie can be his ticket.

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“Bruised” moves on from that promising gambit into a befuddling patchwork of storylines. While a strained Berry looks the part of a washed-up fighter, a la Hilary Swank in “Million Dollar Baby,” the film only takes lukewarm measures to explain what her previous failures imply. Instead, it examines how the entrance of her mute six-year-old, a traumatized youngster, and the potential of her fighting again affects her relationship with her new lover. The film alternates between her attempts to maintain her relationship with a jealous spouse and her taking on a new set of motherly obligations while training with famed instructor Buddhakan (Sheila Atim), much to the disgust of the trainer. Atim, a combination of Zen calm and a real desire to be a helpful scene partner, provides the only naturalistic performance among the actors in a film drowning in melodrama and artifice.

Michelle Rosenfarb’s overpowering screenplay throws too many ostensibly curved balls while failing to develop the film’s other arcs. We have the usual drugged-out Black mother (Adriane Lenox); the abusive boyfriend; and the inner-city child left to their own devices in the midst of failing family life. There are signs of sexual assault, as well as a queer-baiting relationship that fizzles out as swiftly as it emerges. Despite the film’s violent speed, none of these elements are given enough time to be more than trite cliches.

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