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Which Paladins Champion Are You Quiz


Take this which Paladins champion are you quiz to test which champion are you? Answer these quick questions to find out. Play it now!

On the front lines
The heroes who battle in the first line cannot cause significant damage, but they are extremely resistant and can deploy numerous enhancements and energy shields. Their duty is to be the target of enemy attacks and to absorb damage so that the rest of the team may focus on theirs. When this type of hero is near a vital objective, they gain 100 percent extra credits. Barik, Fernando, Makoa, and Ruckus are among others in this group.

Damage heroes are in charge of dealing damage and eliminating foes. They are the primary target of the other team, thus they must stay behind the defender or attack from a safe place. The biggest challenge for players in this level is obtaining and maintaining a good attack position. The attackers are relatively easy to kill due to their tremendous attack power. Bomb King, Cassie, Drogoz, Kinessa, Sha Lin, Tyra, and Viktor are among those in this group.

Editor’s Picks

This sort of hero possesses skills that help their companions, such as healing spells or protection shields. Because support heroes are extremely vulnerable, they must keep their distance and allow the rest of the team defend them. Heroes of his type are not exceptionally strong or durable, but they serve as the foundation of every squad. Grohk, Grover, Mal’Damba, Pip, and Ying make up the group.

Flank heroes flank the opponent and attempt a sneak attack from a strategic place. A flanking or backstab attack may cause a good formation to break down, leaving the adversaries vulnerable to an attack. Wingmen are usually incredibly mobile heroes who can move quickly around the battlefield. Their attacks must be well-planned; if the enemy group detects the trap, they may rapidly finish the flanker. Androxus, Buck, Evie, and Skye make up the group. Also, you will find out which Paladins champion are you in this quiz.

Which Paladins champion are you quiz

MAKOA: A tank that can initiate fights with his hook and shell spin, defend teammates with his shield, and peel for them with his hook. He can solo tank, although he usually does it against another solo tank or if his team has sufficient sustain (Sustain is the survivability of a team provided by shields,healing, raw health and the like) Type of shield: Main shield

INARA: With her latest buff, Inara is the newest member to the main tanks. Her blocking is strange because she uses deployables instead of shields. This could be effective with wrecker-weak characters like Torvald, Barik, or Fernando, however the last two are of a lower grade because they have the same type of shields (Frontal). It also has several self-healing and damage-dealing abilities. Type of Inara Shield: Is it possible to deploy from the front? Can be used alone, but works best with a second tank.

BARIK: Barik is similar to Inara in that if he gets a buff or a revamp, he could effectively solo tank, but in his current state, he simply cannot (I mean, he can, but it’s more difficult than others). Both Inara and Barik have frontal shields and deployables, however Barik deals more damage and moves faster, while Inara is far more survivable. Tanks that let him to build up but don’t compel the squad to choose wrecker over cauterize and allow Barik to frontal shield work well with him. Frontal Shield is a sort of shield.

About the quiz

TORVALD: On paper, Torvald is the ideal tank, with a massive shield that can defend his teammates as well as crowdcontrol and close-range ‘damage.’ There is one issue: Wrecker. This item prevents tanks (save Inara) from growing more op by shredding their shields, and Torvald is the most vulnerable. I’ve tried playing single tank as Torvald, but it only works occasionally. Torvald synergizes and is thwarted by Inara. He is the finest frontline destroyer in the game (when using siphon). He is best paired with a Bruiser (Ash or Ruckus), Inara, or Buck. He can also assist with Shield Type:Main Shield.

Ash: Ash is odd. I dislike Ash because she has a far too aggressive playstyle for me. This rang a warning bell in my thoughts that she couldn’t possibly be a Main Tank. Her shield is almost as stupid as Barik’s, and she, like Inara, has excellent crowd control. What kind of shield is it: a frontal shield? Any tank can be used to create a synergy. It is not possible to solo tank.

Ruckus This character is barely a frontliner, yet he reminds me of Roadhog from Overwatch, as if they’re both TankDamage Hybrids. Type of shield: primary shield? Any tank can benefit from synergy. It is not possible to solo tank.

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John Medina

Meet John Medina, a passionate gamer, and an expert quizmaster dedicated to crafting intriguing questions that delve deep into the worlds of video games. Born and raised in the gaming-rich culture of the United States, John's love for interactive storytelling and the gaming experience has evolved into a dedicated mission to provide gamers worldwide with an exciting quiz adventure.
which paladins champion are you quiz
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