Which Roadtrip Bus Member Are You?

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Take this Which Roadtrip Bus Member Are You quiz to find out. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

Driving with your friends is far more enjoyable than driving alone, and aren’t road trips one of the most enjoyable aspects of having your license? When you’re on a road trip, the journey and the people in your car are just as important as the destination. Here are the eight categories of people you’re virtually certain to encounter on a road trip:

The GPS navigation system
When a road trip is announced, the individual who always calls shotgun assumes this duty. They claim to have a better sense of direction than a GPS and to know all the shortcuts. In truth, they will send you down the “scenic route,” which will make your travel 110 percent longer, and then throw a fit if you choose to follow the real sat-nav instead.

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Which Roadtrip Bus Member Are You?

The slumbering one
A car trip isn’t complete until you bring a napper. The sleepy one can’t stay awake in a car for more than five minutes. Nobody can figure out how they sleep through the singing and road rage from the front seat. Beware if you’re the sleepy one. By the conclusion of the trip, you’re almost certain to be featured on everyone else’s social media.

The disc jockey
What good is a road trip without a killer playlist? This individual takes their responsibilities very seriously. They probably started putting together the perfect playlist before you even chose where you were going. Choose someone who shares your musical tastes, or you’ll be in for a lengthy ride.

When the driver is focused, such as on the highway, they may need to turn down the music. More advice on driving on the highway can be found in this article.

The snack vendor
This road trip planner is well-prepared and everyone’s favorite. They pile into the car, armed with every snack imaginable — chips, candies, chocolates, dips, and drinks. With this road trip duty on board, no one goes hungry.

The diminutive bladder
Almost everyone’s a least favorite person. They drink three cups of tea before leaving and never put down their water bottle. Ever. Every 40 minutes or so, they’ll say that they need to use the restroom. It’s fine to stretch your legs every couple of hours, but seriously, this one has to relax with the drinks.

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The person who takes selfies
The individual in the car is always ready to document the entire road journey. They probably brought a selfie stick and sat by the window to show off their finest side. As unpleasant as selfie-takers can be, they also capture a lot of candid photos and videos, capturing memories for you to share later. After all, if it didn’t happen on Instagram, did it happen at all?

The road trip organizer
This person is concerned with the destination rather than the trip (unless there are things to find along the way). They’ve been working on the itinerary for weeks and haven’t forgotten anything. Sight-seeing? You don’t even have to wait in line. Where should I eat? Tables have been reserved. With a road trip itinerary, is there room for spontaneity? Not at all.

The chauffeur
The driver is the most underappreciated yet crucial function on a road trip. It’s their responsibility to bring everyone from point A to point B in one piece in the car, something they’ve most likely volunteered for. It’s a massive responsibility. The journey would not be possible without the driver, therefore they should also relax and have fun.

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