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In 2020, Ubisoft wants to plot and character to play a larger role in its multiplayer FPS. Rainbow Six Siege presentation director Alexander Karpazis told IGN in a recent interview that Ubi hopes to portray a continuous tale throughout the game’s normal quarterly releases.

“What I can tell about Year 5 is that the story aspects will be huge for us,” he stated. The plot will begin in Year 5 Season 1 with Nighthaven, a fictional private military firm formed by Kali, the new aggressor in Operation Shifting Tides. Karpazis stated that the tale will be told in the Battle Pass and through new operators, but he also stated that the plot is “wrapped up” throughout everything.

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It’s unclear what form this will take in-game. Will Ubisoft simply release more cinematics, or will the plot be integrated more directly into the client? Ubisoft revealed Rainbow Six Universe, a team committed to producing further stories in Siege’s environment, in February. So far, the only Universe content we’ve seen is the animated video “Hammer and Scalpel” from the same announcement. If this is a new pattern, we may see a new cinematic during the Six Invitational 2020, which will officially begin Year 5’s tale. Also, you will find out which Rainbow Six Siege operator are you in this quiz.

Which Rainbow Six Siege Operator are you?

The co-op Outbreak event in 2018 was Siege’s first major plot point. For the first time, operators conversed with one another and developed personalities. Even though the event was only a few brief tasks, a little went a long way toward selling a broader Siegeverse. Rainbow Six Quarantine, a new game created by a distinct team, is based on Outbreak. With Year 5, Ubi might bring the two games together under a single continuity. With Overwatch and Path of Exile redefining the definition of sequels, the two may one day merge into a single product.

As the game enters its fifth year, the promise of more Siege fiction is tempting, but I’m still keeping my hopes modest. I expected lore to become a regular feature of new Siege content after the release of the 2019 Siege cinematic, but the team has remained silent since. However, it’s crucial to note that creating stories in multiplayer-focused games presents its own set of obstacles. It’s difficult to thread a narrative directly into three-minute rounds, therefore most studios have chosen to communicate their stories through other mediums.

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Of course, Team Fortress 2 excelled at this throughout the last decade. TF2 lured players with comics, narratively-tied events, and flavor text that implied a larger world, in addition to its famed animated shorts that developed lasting relationships between generically-named characters. Similarly, Riot has invested heavily in creating a universe for League of Legends, developing a dedicated lore site featuring comics, cinematics, maps, and biographical pages for each champion.

Ubisoft Montreal released a CGI mini-movie right before the Grand Finals of last week’s Rainbow Six Siege Six Invitational competition to cap off both Year 4 and the recent in-game event “Road To S.I.” The fascinating film not only adds to the continuing Siege narrative but also appears to shift the tone and focus of the online shooter in a completely new direction.

During the six-minute Tournament of Champions cinematic, two teams selected from Siege’s 50+ roster compete in a standard five-on-five match. Sledge, Thatcher, Hibana, Blitz, and Dokkabei make up the Attackers, while Mira, Pulse, Doc, Mozzie, and everyone’s favorite sociopath, Caveira, make up the Defending team. Throughout this furious, hard-hitting battle, the operators are working together — yet against one other — to essentially “win” a sporting event in front of a shouting crowd of thousands in an abandoned Roman arena. A gladiatorial arena in the literal sense.

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