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Orunla Orunla, also known as Orunmila, is the wisdom orisha of divination and human fate. While most orishas have multiple “paths” or facets, Orunla simply has one. He is also the only orisha in the New World who does not manifest through possession (although it does sometimes happen in Africa). Instead, he is consulted via various divination techniques.

Orunla witnessed the birth of humanity and the formation of souls. As a result, Orunla is aware of each soul’s final fate, which is an important aspect of Santeria practice. Working toward one’s purpose fosters harmony. Moving against it causes disharmony, therefore believers seek insight into their destiny and what they may be doing now that is contradictory to it.

Orunla is most popularly identified with St. Francis of Assisi, for unknown reasons. It could be related to Francis’s typical representation of holding rosary beads, which is similar to Orunla’s divination chain. Orunla is also associated with St. Philip and St. Joseph.

He is represented by the Ifa table, the most complicated divination method employed by educated Santeria priests. His favorite colors are green and yellow.

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Osain Osain is a nature orisha who rules over forests, other wild areas, herbalism, and healing. He is the patron of hunters, even though Osain has retired from hunting. He also keeps an eye out for the house. Osain, in contrast to many mythologies that depict nature gods as wild and untamed, is a distinctively rational person. Also, you will find out which Orisha are you in this quiz.

Which Orisha character are you?

Although he used to resemble a human (as do other orishas), Osain has now lost an arm, leg, ear, and eye, with the remaining eye located in the middle of his head like a Cyclops.

As a crutch, he is compelled to utilize a twisted tree branch, which is a familiar emblem for him. A pipe might potentially stand in for him. Green, red, white, and yellow is his colors.

He is most generally identified with Pope St. Sylvester I, although he is also associated with Sts. John, Ambrose, Anthony Abad, Joseph, and Benito.

Oshun, the seductive orisha of love, marriage, and fertility, governs the genitals and the lower abdomen. She is notably connected with feminine beauty, as well as interpersonal ties in general. She is also related to rivers and other freshwater sources.

In one story, the orishas decided they didn’t need Olodumare anymore. Olodumare retaliated by causing a massive drought that none of the orishas could undo. To save the parched planet, Oshun changed into a peacock and ascended to the realm of Olodumare to beg his pardon. Olodumare gave in and restored the water to the world, and the peacock changed into a vulture.

Oshun is identified with Our Lady of Charity, a facet of the Virgin Mary concerned with hope and survival, especially regarding the sea. Our Lady of Charity is also the patron saint of Cuba, the birthplace of Santeria.

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Her hues are red, green, yellow, coral, amber, and violet, and she may be represented by a peacock feather, fan, mirror, or boat.

Oya is the god of the dead and is associated with ancestors, graves, and the wind. She is a commanding orisha who is responsible for windstorms and electrocution. She is the goddess of transitions and transformations. Some believe she is the ultimate ruler of fire, but she lets Chango wield it. She is also a warrior, frequently shown as donning clothes or even a beard to fight alongside Chango.

Her patron saints are Our Lady of Candlemas, St. Teresa, and Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

Oya is represented by fire, a lance, a black horsetail, or a copper crown with nine points, all of which are related to copper in general. Her favorite color is maroon.

Yemaya Yemaya is the orisha of the oceans and lakes, as well as the patron of women and motherhood. She is identified with Our Lady of Regla, the sailor’s protector. Fans, seashells, canoes, coral, and the moon are all symbols for her. Her favorite colors are white and blue. Yemaya is the spiritual mother of all, maternal, dignified, and nurturing. She is also an orisha of mystery, as reflected in her waters. She is also widely assumed to be Oshun’s older sister, who is in charge of the rivers. She is also linked to TB and digestive problems.

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