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Take this which Persona 3 character are you quiz to test which character are you. Answer these quick questions to find out. Play it now!

Persona 3 is a deadly game. It must. It must be. The basic dilemma is this: how can one confront the idea that one day they are going to die? How do you live knowing that you’re going to disappear? This is an uncomfortable question and some people avoid it, but it doesn’t make you feel so comfy because your “persona” needs a shot of your head over and over again.
Persona 3 was an introduction to this Shin Megami Tensei series spin-off for many players. It was founded in the game Shin Megami Tensei If… that brought the RPG in a high school setting in Japan. Persona continued this premise, but Persona 2: eternal Persona

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“Persona 3 represented something unusual for us,” said Naoto Hiraoka, then CEO of Atlus. This is how the game was created and released. It was really fantastic when the fan’s reaction was seen, and everything took off. We, therefore, decided to focus and think about these topics while we created our games.” We decided to do this. Also, you will find out which Persona 3 character are you in this quiz.

Which Persona 3 character are you

It was simpler than I imagined to leave Persona 3. Nine pals and one dog—who this year marks its 10th anniversary in the USA—follow a similar storyline to most roles. That will eventually save the world by the band of the plucky youngsters. Its characteristics and environment from the 21st century made Persona 3 a lot more related to me and loving than the high-flying heroes of Final Fantasy or Chrono Trigger. It also helps that it was the first game in the series to bring in a signature mixture of dating sim and turnover-based dungeon.

I felt like playing Persona 3 that I had the first game to take my time. Whether it was meeting a Kendo friend or a few elderly booksellers, there was almost always something more palatable, identifiable, and less worldwide urgent than fighting gods and monsters. It’s the kind of thing that allowed me to live in the game world for a spell instead of just visiting it. It’s entertaining, but it’s a little tough, to relate to speakers and save the Earth from the superstructural threats.

At the end of this game, I was almost as devoted to Iwatodai city and its people as I was ever to a true place. The drawback is that it was so hard to say goodbye to the virtual sights I’ve seen as well as pals I’ve made. It was a unique, quiet message before the closing credits that made it easier to say goodbye – one that reminds me to accept comfort and companionship even here. What Persona 3 character are you?

About the quiz

You start at Gekkoukan Coast School as a transfer student. Only the SEES people can battle the Shadows when they carry the ‘Persons’ inside. The Shadows originate from a hidden Tartarus tower and send the strongest of them to the Earth on every full moon.

I honestly believe this moment is one of the most powerful achievements in the history of gaming. It takes talent to have a character mature in such a way that Yukari’s journey throughout Persona 3’s principal plotline makes her feel the most human of all, and that this sequence is more important than virtually all else. And better still is the moment when the group meets to help it recognize that the needs of the world prevail over its own feelings.

This is the thing here. This is the thing. The finale of the base game of Persona 3 is melancholy. People complain of the “moody” characters in The Answer, but how do you feel when you’re a secondary school student and the best buddy is dead on their lap?

But it’s not like true heroes. Real heroes are people. What’s wonderful is that they aren’t sorry, they’re capable of passing over the sadness. Far from many gamers’ opinions, Persona 3 FES’ response is not dismal – it is one of the most lovely and hopeful parts of the whole game since it indicates that Minato is no longer the sole hope for SEES members. It shows you learn to stand, learn to go above your pain, and become as courageous as you are by sacrificing yourself.

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which persona 3 character are you
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