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Take this which Empire Records character are you quiz to test which character are you. Answer these quick questions to find out. Play it now!

“Empire Records” is a microcosm film, one of those movies where every thoughtful thing happens to all imaginable characters in a single music store in a single day, and they are all a lot wiser at the end of the day since there is an infinite list of musical credits on the screen.

Just like “Car Wash” and “Clerks” movies, this movie builds a miniature world that works for its people as a family and a universe. The characters work in Empire Records in Delaware, a small fictional town. They’re entirely about Generation X members, save for the shop manager Joe (Anthony LaPaglia), who is a father figure. The shop owner has opted to sell the despised Music City chain, which contains a coding code that prohibits tattoos and corporeal piercing and generally disqualifies employees from Empire Records. And they confront a predicament.

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When the movie starts, one employee called Lucas (Rory Cochrane) has learned of the threat from the City of Music and has taken recipes from the shop a day to Atlantic City for the sake of gaining enough funds to buy the shop for Joe. He does not, and so Joe has to find a way of covering the deficit of money while rescuing the store and weathering the personal presence, in a bad hair day, of MTV star Rex Manning (Maxwell Caulfield).

Which Empire Records character are you

Also, you will find out which Empire Records character are you in this quiz. Further to its original publication, Empire Records is news almost a quarter of a century later. Then, at the beginning of April, Deadline announced that Broadway is developing a stage adaptation of the 1995 cultic success with a view to its premiere in 2020, to celebrate its 25th anniversary. The principle of Allan Moyle’s X film is very clear—a bunch of young people working in an independent record shop tries not to take it over—but it is connected to audiences deeply (and durably). The film was launched on September 22, 1995, with emerging talents like Liv Tyler, Renée Zellweger, and Ethan Embry.

Originally, on September 22, 1995, Warner Bros. planned to make the film available in 1250 theatres. But they did not like the movie, so in any manner, they promoted it – no advertising campaign, no great premiere of Hollywood. In its first week, the ten million dollars film, shown only in 87 theatres, was 180,286 dollars gross, but it virtually got out of theaters by the second weekend. (In October, but just $16,645 more grossed, the film widened.) Empire Records is the 236th highest-grossing movie of the year out of 280 films produced in 1995. This isn’t the ground, but it’s very near.

About the quiz

Years later, somehow admirers found it and contributed to keeping its memory alive. Here are some facts regarding the film “damn the man.”

The video starts with Empire’s store manager Joe last Friday night so that his pseudo-adopted son. Lucas is first able to close this shop alone. All Lucas has to do is count the money twice, stay away from Joe’s drumsticks. Joe’s beer and Joe’s cigars, and for a second time count the bucks… and pound on Joe’s desk along with Joe’s bottle of beer, and Joe’s cigars, Lucas stumbles over an acetate with the rival and very company façade of the Music Town. Which is perfectly matched by a cigar. What Empire Records character are you?

Feeling lucky, Lucas decides “Damn the Man” and picks up the $9104 tow to Atlantic City to preserve the Empire Records from just becoming another Music Town franchise. Sadly for him, he craps on the second roll of the dice and loses it all.

Slipping into the next day, Mark arrives to open the shop, the morning management manager A.J. and a giggly pothead. They discover Lucas asleep and waking him on his motorcycle. The two of them he lost cash on Atlantic City last night, Lucas, who now speaks cryptically as the Chinese guy from Karate Kid tells them where his money came from.

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which empire records character are you
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